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Winter Wedding Flowers

Get ideas for winter wedding flowers and find flowers in season for winter weddings

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winter wedding flowers, wedding flowers bouquets winter, winter wedding bouquetIf you’ve chosen to have a winter wedding, you may be wondering about what types of flowers you can use for your ceremony and reception.  Traditionally winter is time when trees are bare and flowers can’t be found, but with today’s network of flower suppliers you can have beautiful flowers nearly any time of year – even in the middle of winter. 

It may be cold where you are, but flowers are blooming in a lot of other places.  This fact gives you much more flexibility in choosing your winter wedding flowers, but you will still have a few types of flowers that are easier to find than others.  Some seasonal flowers for winter weddings are:  African violets, amaryllis, anemones, calla lilies, arum lilies, crocus, hyacinths, jasmine, orchids, snowdrops, tulips, violets, roses and carnations.

You could use any combination of colors for your winter wedding flowers.  The most typical colors used include blue, purple, pink, red, or green and lots of white or cream.  There are several flowers that come in these colors and you can further accent them by pairing the flowers with greenery.

When you choose winter wedding flowers, you’ll find that you have some more creative choices for greenery during this time of year.  Greenery like evergreen boughs, holly, berries, ivy and juniper are all available for your winter wedding centerpieces and bouquet.

Ideas For Wedding Flowers Bouquets Winter

winter wedding bouquets, winter wedding flowers, wedding flowers bouquets winterTypes of Flowers for Winter Bridal Bouquets

While a bouquet made from red roses is very lovely, that isn’t your only choice of wedding flowers for a bouquet in winter.  There are lots of other flowers that are available in winter that will make a perfect bouquet.  Flowers that work beautifully for winter wedding bouquets are alliums, roses, snowdrops, stephanotis, baby’s breath, jasmine, tulips, hyacinths, anemones or calla lilies.

Another place where you can add a touch of the season to your winter wedding bouquet is by tying a ribbon or lace around your bouquet.  Ribbons of white, cream, gold, silver or red give additional beauty to your flowers.  

Winter Wedding Bouquet Extraswinter wedding centerpiece, winter wedding flowers, flowers for winter weddings

Your bridal bouquet is the most significant part of your winter wedding flowers, so it should and set the tone for the other arrangements.  To add a little seasonal flair to your winter wedding bouquet, you can place a few winter touches to your flowers. 

Accents like miniature pinecones (which can be sprayed white or silver,) pine needles, pieces of evergreen and berries are a natural fit for winter wedding bouquets.  These details also add interesting texture and color to your bouquet.  Imagine a pure white bouquet with red holly berries or a wedding bouquet of lavender roses with mini “snow” dusted pinecones placed in between the blooms.

Winter Wedding Flower Centerpieces

There are lots of ways to incorporate the season into your winter wedding flower centerpieces.  One idea is to accent your flowers by placing holiday ornaments in the bottom of flower vases or around the centerpiece.  You could also tie red ribbons around vases or use shiny silver or gold vases to display flowers.  For a snowy effect, place flowers in frosted glass vases or place vases on top of a layer of gauzy tulle.

Candles are another way to give warmth to your winter wedding centerpieces.  Long white tapers or small votives add light and elegance to floral arrangements.

You can also use garlands or wreaths to enhance your winter wedding centerpieces.  A wreath of evergreen with flowers placed in intervals can be placed around a large candle as a centerpiece.  A swag of holly underneath a vase of red or white roses would also make a lovely winter centerpiece.