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Learn about personalized wine favors and how to find inexpensive wine bottle favors

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The best wedding favors are those that your guests will use and appreciate.  For lots of brides and grooms, this means choosing edible wedding favors.  These edible favors run the gamut from cookies to colas, but some of the most popular are wine bottles wedding favors.  Using wine bottles as wedding favors adds a touch of class to your wedding and can be a fun way for your guests to celebrate days after your wedding reception is over. 

Wine bottle wedding favors are easy to find and order if you know what to look for and where to shop.  With a few tips under your belt, you’ll be able to find mini wine wedding favors that are inexpensive and easily personalized. 

Read on for our guide to selecting and buying wine bottles wedding favors.  Using these tips, you’ll have everything you need to find wine favors that look and taste good.

What type of wine should I choose for my wine wedding favors?

If you already know a little about wine, you may have a type of wine in mind for your favors.  If you haven’t thought about the type of wine that you want for your wedding favors, you have a couple of options.  As a loose guideline, you can base the wine you select on the season of the year – whites for warm months and reds for cooler temperatures.  You could also use a blush or dessert wine for any time of year.  Still confused?  Talk with a friend who knows wine or someone at your local wine store.  They can steer you in the right direction in choosing a varietal that will be just right for your wine bottles wedding favors.

wine bottle wedding favors, wine wedding favors, mini wine bottle wedding favorWhere can I buy wine bottle favors and wine label wedding favors?

There are lots of places where you can purchase mini wine bottles and personalized labels for your wedding favors.  What you’ll need to decide first is whether you want to buy the completed personalized wine bottles or buy the wine bottles and labels separately so you can put them together yourself. 

If you want to save the hassle of attaching personalized labels to your wedding favors, there are several online companies that specialize in providing wine bottles wedding favors.  With these larger companies, you have more flexibility in choosing wine types and labels.  

If you want a more DIY approach, half or mini wine bottles can be bought from a large wine seller found online or in your immediate area.  Then once you have your bottles, create personalized labels using your computer or order some from an online printer. 

If your wedding is particularly large or you are getting married at a winery or vineyard, find out if you can do a special order for half wine bottle favors with a local winery or vineyard.  Many smaller companies will be happy to accommodate an order of 100 bottles or more.  They may even be able to personalize the label for you.

How can I get personalized wine labels for my wedding favors?

You can purchase printed personalized wine labels from an online printer or if you’re computer savvy, you can print them at home on your pc.  Once you have your bottles, what you’ll do is remove the manufacturer’s label and then attach a printed label of your own.  Remove the wine labels by steaming the bottles or soaking them in water.  Add further personalization by placing a ribbon or a charm around each bottle.

Special Considerations for Wine Wedding Favors

Before you buy wine bottle wedding favors, make sure that giving out wine at your wedding won’t offend any of your family members.  Certain religions oppose drinking alcohol, so make sure to check that using wine wedding favors isn’t a religious or cultural faux pas. 

If your wedding includes many non-drinkers or children, consider purchasing a few mini bottles of sparkling grape juice or apple cider for any non-drinking or underage guests.  You can remove the manufacturer’s label and attach your own so they match the wine bottles wedding favors.