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Writing Wedding Vows

Learn how to write your own beautiful wedding vows in a short amount of time

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Many brides and grooms look to writing wedding vows for their ceremony because they want to pledge their commitment to each other in a way that is personal and unique to them. 

Of all the parts in your wedding ceremony, your wedding vows are the one place where you can add your own creative touch.  When you write your wedding vows, you make them unique and specific to who you and your fiancé are.  Writing wedding vows is a definite way to make sure your wedding ceremony is meaningful to your relationship.

If you've decided to write wedding vows, you may be thinking that you don't have the creativity, the time or the right way with words. 

Don't worry, below we give you a rundown on the different ways in which you can write your wedding vows.  Decide which method is right for you and have fun with this very personal part of your wedding ceremony. 

Getting Started On Writing Wedding Vows

There are a couple of different ways to go about writing wedding vows.  You can choose which way to go depending on your needs and your personal situation.  For example, brides and grooms who have plenty of time for writing wedding vows may start by using a book or brainstorming words that are specific to their relationship.  Couples that are in a hurry should use a vows system with prewritten wedding vows ready for you to use.

Wedding Vow Books

There are books devoted entirely to writing wedding vows.  Typically they offer exercises for you to go over with your fiancé so you can both start thinking of words that you'd use for your wedding vows.  These books have question and answer activities (for example, "describe how you as a couple define love") that you and your fiancé can do together.  They also usually include a chapter on famous love sayings and quotes that you can use for inspiration. 

Writing Wedding Vows from Scratch

This is the most difficult way to write wedding vows, but it is also one of the best ways to get vows that are meaningful and from the heart.  Writing vows from scratch can be easy if you write frequently and you know how to verbalize your feelings.  If you go this route, start early on in the process (i.e. not the night before your wedding ceremony!) and use photos, music or poetry as inspiration.  Often, it is tough putting deep feelings into words.  If you don't have a gift for writing, check out a prewritten wedding vows system or wedding vow book.

Prewritten Wedding Vow Systems

If you are in a time crunch, this is going to be your best option for creating wedding vows that are unique and personal.  Prewritten wedding vows basically require that you fill in the blanks of a set of vows with names and personal information.  Once you fill in all of the spaces, the vows are your own.  This website about original wedding vows has a free wedding vow system that you can utilize to write your vows in an easy and quick way.  It is a good option for those in a hurry who still want original vows.