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Wedding Reception Centerpiece Ideas

Get unique ideas for wedding reception flowers and creative centerpiece ideas for a wedding

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Probably the most important decorations at your wedding reception are the table centerpieces.  Once guests arrive at your reception and they get seated, you want to make a statement with an interesting and attractive wedding centerpiece on each table at the reception. 

Reception centerpieces are the focal point of every wedding table.  While most wedding reception centerpieces contain flowers, centerpieces can range from pyramids of neatly wrapped favors to small wedding cakes to tall candles surrounded by seashells. 

Whether you use wedding flower centerpieces or centerpieces made from other objects, they will look best when they are put together with a little creativity.  Your wedding reception centerpieces are a great place to continue your wedding theme and colors while adding a little character to the surroundings. 

Not sure where to start?  We’ve put together some of our best centerpiece ideas for a wedding.  Look through for inspiration and decide which reception centerpiece ideas will work well for your wedding. 

Wedding Flower Centerpiece Ideas

Want a unique wedding reception flowers?  Read on for centerpiece ideas that you can use.

Use a variety of flowers in your centerpieces…or not

There are two ways you can go with your wedding flower centerpieces.  One idea is to use a variety of different blooms in varying textures and sizes.  This adds interest and dimension to your flower centerpieces.  It can also be a way to cut down on costs by using a just a few pricey flowers interspersed with some lesser expensive varieties. 

Another idea is to use only one type of flower in your centerpieces.  This can bring unity and a modern look to your reception flowers.  It is easy to do with roses, but if your flower of choice is expensive or exotic you may want to mix it with other types to lessen the cost.  A different take on this wedding flower centerpiece idea is to use only a single type of flower for each centerpiece, but use a different flower for each table.  For example, one table could have a centerpiece of all calla lilies and one could be all tulips.  This will differentiate your tables and add a unique twist. 

Get creative with color mixing in centerpieces

wedding reception centerpiece, wedding flower centerpiece ideas, wedding reception centerpiece ideasYou have a few choices when it comes to color for your wedding flower centerpieces. 

You can do a fun mix of different shades within your wedding palette, you can do modern monochromatic by using different shades of the same color, or you can use just one main color for all of your centerpieces. 

Whatever you choose, just make sure it goes with the rest of your wedding theme.

Add some interesting details into your reception flowers

Don’t be afraid to add other accents to your wedding flower centerpieces.  Fruit, vegetables, seashells, moss, grass, tissue paper, bows, crystals, tree branches and lamps can all play a part in your reception centerpieces.  Let your imagination go and see what you can come up with.

Consider the containers for your flowers

Instead of just a single glass vase for your reception flowers, consider using something different to hold the flowers.  You can use baskets, square vases, silver plated vases, tea pots, bowls, hollowed out melons or gourds or even decorated boxes to hold your reception flowers. 

If you do decide to use traditional vases, think about using vases of varying heights on each table.  Another idea is to have small multiple flower arrangements on each table in different sized vases.   

Use light to your advantage

For many people, nothing is more romantic than candlelight.  You can bring this romance into your wedding flower centerpieces in a variety of ways.  First, you could scatter votives underneath floral centerpieces.  You could also float flowers and floating candles in a bowl of water.  Another idea is to use long tapers in the same height as your centerpiece.  Or, you could even put candles into your centerpiece by hanging votives or small lanterns from dogwood or cherry branches.

Jazz up the surroundings for your centerpieces

Once you’ve decided on what your flower centerpieces will be, add further interest to them by scattering flower petals or other items around the centerpiece.  You can use pieces of sea glass, sea shells, sprigs of moss, glitter, confetti, curled ribbon or wedding favors to surround the centerpieces.  You can also place your reception centerpieces on a piece of colored cloth, ribbons, lace or netting. 

Inexpensive Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

If you’re on a tight budget that doesn’t leave a lot of room for flowers, you can use other things to create inexpensive wedding centerpieces.  You can use candles, fruit, vegetables, gourds, tree branches, bowls of sea glass or ornaments, seashells or an artful display of dessert or favors can be the centerpiece. 

Square baskets holding seasonal fruit or vegetables interspersed with baskets of tall cracker breadsticks makes a cute centerpiece for a country wedding.  Floating candles in small bowls of colored water also make interesting centerpieces.  The one inexpensive centerpiece idea that we don’t recommend is using live fish – animals are not decorations and they don’t act like them either.  Start thinking of details that you can add to your tables that won’t cost a fortune – like seashells, driftwood or faux crystals, you’re sure to come up with an idea that will work for you.