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Music Tips For Your Wedding Ceremony And Your Wedding Reception

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wedding music, wedding recessional music, processional musicWedding processional music and wedding recessional music are essential parts of any wedding.  Some couples prefer the traditional sounds of the classics while others are more into contemporary, pop and more modern music.  When considering what music to use, keep in mind what type of mood and atmosphere you are trying to create.

You need to decide how you want the music delivered - a live performance or a recording of tunes you want played at your wedding.  Live performers (such as a harpist or an ensemble) can be classier and a touch of class to the wedding day, but cost much more. 

For today's weddings, many couples are going away from having live music and instead are going to pre-recorded music.   Music played through an iPod will give you the luxury of getting exactly what you want and it is certainly less expensive. 

Just download your favorite tunes, hook your iPod up to a speaker system (which you will likely need to rent for the wedding), and you're on your way.

You'll want your music to fit the wedding location you choose - if you want a church setting then the music you pick should be appropriate for this venue.  Conversely, an informal setting such as an outdoor wedding will be ideal for more modern and upbeat tunes.

Wedding Ceremony Music

The four main parts of the wedding ceremony are: the prelude, processional, interlude and recessional.

Wedding Prelude

The prelude will set the stage as well as let your guests know that the wedding ceremony will begin shortly.  Carefully chosen prelude music will also entertain your guests and should blend into the background and not be distracting.  The prelude should commence approximately thirty minutes before the start time on your wedding invitations.

Wedding Processional Music

wedding ceremony musicThe processional is very special, as the bride makes her entrance to it and should be different and somewhat louder so as to be distinguished from the other music.  This part of the music can be as contemporary or traditional as you like, as there are no set rules here. 

Many people feel that Wagner's "Bridal Chorus" is very appropriate here as it is viewed as the most traditional wedding march. That being said, many brides choose non-traditional and very contemporary songs for the processional - it's your wedding, so play what you want!

Wedding Interlude

The interlude consists of music that you have chosen for special moments, music that you want to emphasize, or songs that have special meaning to you and you fiancè.   Feel free to use non-traditional music here - once again it's your wedding.

Wedding Recessional Music

After the wedding ceremony you still have to walk out so in most instances the recessional is the same song as the processional.  You do not need to keep with tradition here, so you can choose whatever song you want.

Wedding Reception Music

In contrast to the wedding ceremony, music for the wedding reception is quite different.  More and more couples have longer wedding receptions following their wedding ceremony.  For many couples a live band is preferred, if your budget will stand it.  Others prefer hiring a DJ; they can be costly and they are all not the same so check what their music specialty is and make sure they fit your budget, and taste.  As mentioned before, an iPod loaded with your favorite wedding music and a speaker system will work wonderfully for your wedding reception.

Whatever you choose, just remember that it's your wedding and you can choose whatever wedding music you want!