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Free Online Wedding Planner

Use an online planner to get free wedding website templates and planning sheets.

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online wedding planner free, wedding worksheets, free wedding website templatesOnce you’ve started planning your wedding, you realize that there are certain things that will make the process a lot easier.  A wedding planner with wedding planning sheets, a personal wedding website, wedding planning software – these are just a few of the items that will help you stay organized. 

In the past brides and grooms have had to pay for these services, but now there are wedding planners online free of charge for anyone who wants to sign up.  There are several different types of service, one example is Wedding Wire, and these services are free and easy for you to use.   

You have to register with these online wedding planners and when you sign up you get access to a variety of useful resources like a local vendor search, free wedding website templates, vendor reviews and free wedding planning worksheets.

Want to start using an online wedding planner and begin planning your wedding online?  Just sign up for an online wedding planner (like Wedding Wired) and start using the online wedding planning tools today.  Read on and we’ll go over the benefits of online wedding planners and let you know how you can start using this free service for yourself.

Benefits of Free Online Wedding Planners (Like Wedding Wire)

It’s free – no strings attached.

All of the resources and tools are usually completely free for you to use.  You gain all of these free wedding worksheets and tools and it doesn’t cost you a thing. 

You get free access to wedding planning sheets. 

Once you sign up you instantly have access to wedding worksheets online that will help you with your planning.  You can find free wedding planning worksheets for seating charts, guest lists, wedding day timelines, vendor contact information and contracts.  You can also use the wedding planning sheets to keep track of your wedding budget.  You simply enter your wedding budget to start and then with each cost (like wedding favors.)  When you’re planning a wedding online, these tools are invaluable to you and will keep you organized.

You get access to free wedding website templates. 

Another great thing about online wedding planning services is that they allow you to make your own personal wedding website. 

Wedding websites are a great way to display information about all aspects of your wedding.  You can let out of town guests know where to stay and what to do while in town as well as tell the story of how you two met. 

You can browse wedding vendors. 

Looking for a wedding florist, a caterer or a DJ?  Typically online wedding planners (like Wedding Wire) have a directory full of wedding vendors in cities all over the United States.  When you sign up, you can start looking for vendors in your area and get details like contact information, website addresses and photos from vendors in your city.  This makes it very easy for you to locate vendors in your area that will do a good job and are priced within your budget.

You can read vendor reviews. 

You can read reviews on different companies so you can hear real bride’s experiences with various vendors.  Because most wedding purchases are for one-time customers, it’s very important to get feedback on others’ experiences.  With the reviews, you can feel confident that you’re making the right choice for your wedding.

You get updates on local wedding events. 

Want to know about a trunk sale from your favorite wedding gown designer?  Some online wedding planners will keep you updated on local bridal shows, sales and other wedding events taking place in your city.