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Here's How To Create Great Looking DIY Wedding Invitations

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Now that you’ve set a date and you know where your wedding and reception is going to be held, its time to start thinking about wedding invitations. There are several ways to find wedding invitations – you can browse for them online, order a variety of  catalogues, check out a stationary store, visit a private printer that does wedding invitations, or go the do it yourself wedding invitation route.

For savvy brides and grooms who decide to have diy wedding invitations by designing their own wedding invitation or cut costs, there are some good choices. If you feel comfortable with a word processing program and you have a nice printer at home, it is very easy to order wedding invitation stationary and do the printing yourself. Printing them at home also gives you the freedom to choose whichever papers, fonts and wording you like.

Quick Tip: If you decide to go with do it yourself wedding invitations, there are several websites that offer excellent  stationary. One of our favorites is  This website features all types of wedding stationary.

do it yourself wedding invitations, diy wedding invitationsWhatever method you use, while you’re looking, keep in mind that the wedding invitation will be the first indicator of what your wedding will be like. Meaning, that for a wedding guest, the wedding invitation is the first clue to what type of wedding they will be attending.

For example, if you’re having a tropical destination wedding barefoot on the beach in Fiji, you probably wouldn’t send out formal engraved invitations because it doesn’t fit the mood of your wedding. Be sure that the ones you choose speak to your wedding style and communicate the level of formality your wedding will have.

When you start shopping for wedding invitations, it’s easy to get confused with the printing lingo. Here’s a quick look at the types of printing options you may encounter:


This is the most expensive and formal printing option. Paper is stamped from the back by metal plates and the letters rise up from the paper as they are printed.


Using a press that heats ink, thermography also creates a raised-letter effect similar to engraving, but the process is less expensive.


This is a stamping die that is pressed against the paper and gives an antique look.

Offset printing

Also known as flat printing, this is the most widely used form of printing. This is where the letters are not raised at all (this would be the effect if you printed them at home.) One big plus of using this type of printing is that it allows you to use multiple colors of ink.

Also, don’t mistakenly send out your invitations too late or get stuck with a misprint on your wedding invitations.