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Find a romantic hair style for your big day and learn the top wedding hair styles

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Now that youíve found your wedding dress and your wedding day is getting closer, its time to start thinking about wedding day beauty.  One of the biggest decisions youíll make is what to do with your hair.  Styles for wedding hair can be very different and will affect your overall look on the big day. 

You want to pick a hair style that will compliment the rest of your wedding ensemble and make you look stunning.  To get started on picking a wedding hairstyle, read on and find some great styles for wedding hair and bridal hair tips to help your tresses look beautiful for your wedding.

New Styles for Wedding Hair

Big Romantic Waves

Wearing your hair down in long loose waves is a very romantic bridal hair style.  It can best be achieved using hot rollers and a large barrel curling iron.  Blow dry hair up and out for maximum volume and then apply a curling mousse.  Roll hair piece by piece into hot rollers. 

Randomly curl some strands around curling iron with fingers.  Tousle hair.  Spray with lots of hairspray to keep your curls all day long.  This style is not recommended in humid climates because the waves tend to fall out.

Sleek and Straight

This is an easy style for wedding hair that works well for brides wearing minimalist dresses or simple sheaths.  Blow dry hair using a round brush pulling hair up and out at roots and straight at the ends.  When hair is dry, apply a smoothing serum to hair.  Using a ceramic straightening iron (like a Chi Iron) straighten hair piece by piece.  Give some pizzazz to this style by adding a fancy barrette or flower to your hair.


wedding hair style, wedding day hair, hairstyle for weddingClassic Chignon

To update this style, give it a super sleek look.  First straighten your hair with a ceramic iron.  Use a smoothing serum to remove flyaways, and then pull hair into a tight low ponytail.  Wind hair around into a knot at the base of your neck and secure with bobby pins.   

Reconstructed Bun

The bun is a typical style for wedding hair.  To make it different, pull a few pieces of hair over the bun at a diagonal to make a crisscross shape.  If your hair isnít long enough to do this, use hair extensions.  

Loose Pony

Though it may sound casual, a long loose ponytail can be an elegant wedding hair style.  The key is to gather hair loosely to your back or side and secure it with a hair barrette or elastic.  Donít leave this style bare.  Add a large flower or ribbon to make it dressy.

Clipped Back

One of the hottest styles for wedding hair is also one of the most simple.  Take a few pieces of your hair and secure them to the side with a decorative barrette.  This works for hair thatís long or short and can be done with flat ironed straight hair, bouncy waves or curls.  Look for a hair barrette that will contribute to your overall look.  Lots of online retailers and bridal stores carry barrettes with rhinestones, pearls or other accents.  You can also get barrettes in shapes like seashells or flowers.

Wedding Hair Style Tips

Plan your style in advancebridal hair style

Like anything else having to do with your wedding, youíll want to plan out the style for your wedding hair in advance.  Look through bridal hairstyles online, in magazines, books or use one of the wedding day hair ideas here to choose your style.  Then find a hairstylist who is experienced in wedding hair.  Schedule your big day hair appointment and a run through a few weeks before your wedding date. 

Donít do anything drastic

Every bride wants to look her personal best on her wedding day.  That usually means the bride will make a few changes from her everyday appearance for the wedding.  While you may want to make some changes, you still want you wedding guests and your future husband to be able to recognize you when youíre walking down the aisle.  The key here is keeping the changes subtle.  If you always wear your hair down and you want to wear an updo for your wedding, no problem.  If you want to change your hair color from dark brown to platinum blonde, you may want to rethink it.

If you absolutely must change something big about your appearance for your wedding, make the change at least a month in advance.  That way, youíll have time to make any adjustments to your hair before the wedding.

Schedule it right

When it comes to making the appointment for your wedding hair, donít make it too early on the big day.  While your makeup can be touched up later, your hair style will only get more ragged as the day goes on.  Particularly if your style calls for curls or a big updo, schedule your hair appointment as late in the day as possible without being rushed.

Relax on conditioning

Your wedding hair style will hold better if your hair isnít super conditioned the day you get it done.  So, donít do any deep conditioning treatments the day before the wedding.  If you hair isnít very oily, you may want to skip washing your hair that day altogether.