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These days, couples are straying away from tired wedding traditions and looking to add something new and fresh to their wedding. 

One way to add a fun twist on an old custom is to use wedding guestbook alternatives.  New ideas like wedding guestbook scrapbooks or wedding portrait guestbooks are becoming more and more popular. 

Using something different can bring a unique element to your wedding while still keeping with your overall wedding style.  Read on for our best ideas for wedding guestbook alternatives and make your guestbook the ideal keepsake from your wedding.


Simple Wedding Guestbook Scrapbooks

One idea for creating a wedding guestbook scrapbook is to give guests the opportunity to decorate a sheet of paper and then write their comment on it.  Lay out paper in multiple colors (perhaps the colors from your wedding) with colored pencils, markers, stickers and patterned scissors (that cut in lace or other patterns.)  That way, guests can put some personality into their guestbook comment and give it a unique touch.  Place a box or bowl on the table to hold the papers and then place them iwedding guestbook alternativesnto a scrapbook later.   

Another scrapbook type guestbook you can do involves a little more effort from your guests and works well for small family centered events.  When you send out the wedding invitations, place and insert in the invitation asking guests to bring along a picture that contains both you and them (or your future spouse and the guest.) At the wedding ceremony, have a blank book available and ask guests to paste the photo into the guestbook with a little comment about when the picture was taken or what you were doing together in the photo.


Little Letter Guestbook

wedding guestbook scrapbook, wedding guestbook alternativesAnother great wedding guestbook alternative is to let guests create mini letters that you’ll later bind within an album or scrapbook.  You can do this by equipping a table with small pieces of paper in various colors, similar sized envelopes and pens.  Ask guests to write their messages on the paper, seal them in the envelopes and then place them into a glass hurricane or bowl.  After the wedding, have fun opening each note.  Place the notes back into the open envelopes and then affix the back of the envelope on a page in an album (each page can hold 4 to 6 envelopes.)


Wedding Portrait Guestbooks
A really popular wedding guestbook alternative is to do a Polaroid portrait guestbook.  This works by allowing guests to photograph themselves and then write a note to go with the picture.  If you don’t think that all of your guests would do it, have a friend go around snapping the pictures.  After your wedding, place all of the photos and notes into an album.

Place a large white photo mat and a high quality black pen or marker on a table.  Ask guests to sign their messages to the photo mat.  During the wedding reception, have your photographer take a picture of everyone at your wedding together.  After the wedding, frame the photo with the mat.  You can also use a wedding portrait of you and your new spouse as the photo in the frame. 

Multiple Wedding Guestbooks

You can place a collection of postcards at each table and ask guests to write their messages on the postcards.  The cards themselves can contribute to the theme of your wedding.  For example, if you’re having a beach wedding, you can place postcards with coastal scenes on the tables.  If you want to go really creative, there are photo website where you can order postcards with any digital photo you choose.  You can buy collections of postcards or create your own online.  After the wedding is over, take the postcards and place them in an album. 

Place small blank books with decorative covers on each table at your reception.  Then guests can simply sign the book at their own table without having to travel to a dedicated guestbook table.  This idea works especially well for large weddings with lots of guests.


Question and Answer Wedding Guestbook Alternative

This is a really great way to get guests to put something memorable in your wedding guestbook.  Print through provoking questions on thick sheets of paper and place them in a neat stack on a table.  Ask guests to choose a question and answer it on the back of the card, putting the answered questions into a large glass bowl.  Ask guests questions like “what is your best memory with the bride or groom?”, “what is the secret to a great marriage?” or “why do you think the bride and groom are such a good match?” 

Take some time to create interesting questions and you’re sure to get some interesting answers.  After your wedding is over, mount the questions and answers into an album. 

Unusual Objects as a Wedding Guestbook

You can use almost any collectible object as an alternative to a wedding guestbook.  Guests can sign and add comments to large stones, seashells or pieces of glass.  Lay out the objects on a table with fine point permanent markers and ask guests to write their messages.  Later, you can collect the objects and display them in together in a glass hurricane at your home. 

Remember, your wedding guestbook can be whatever you want it to be, so have fun with it.  Hopefully you’ve found some great wedding guestbook alternatives here today.