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Finding A Cheap Bridal Gown

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discounted wedding dress, cheap bridal gownOne of the biggest decisions for every future bride is choosing the perfect wedding gown.

How can you find the right gown for you? Which wedding gown should you buy? How soon in advance should you purchase your gown? Can you find a cheap bridal gown or a discounted wedding dress?

Don't fret, read on to find answers to all of your questions and extra tips for selecting the wedding gown of your dreams.

When should I start shopping for my wedding gown?

As soon as you got engaged, you probably started thinking about your wedding gown. So, should you buy a wedding dress as soon as you've got a ring on your finger? Not necessarily.

Though you could shop for your wedding gown before you ever get engaged or years before your wedding date, that's not the wisest course of action.

Bridal gown trends change through fashion seasons and most likely the wedding dress that you see in the bridal shop today will probably not be in fashion a year from now. But, what you can do in advance is decide which gown silhouettes fit your figure best and you can get an idea of what types of wedding gown styles you like.

When you're a little closer to your wedding date, about 9 to 12 months in advance of your wedding day, you'll need to start shopping to buy.

Many gown designers, especially designers who operate overseas, need 9 months to fulfill your order.

Plus, once you've chosen your bridal gown and it has arrived, you'll need time for gown fittings. But, if you have waited a little longer and you need a wedding gown quickly, you can often go to the big retail chains like David's Bridal and purchase something off of the rack.

What are the basic rules of shopping for bridal gowns? wedding dress, discount wedding dress, wedding gown

When you go shopping for your wedding gown, bring along a close friend or family member whose opinion you can trust. Also, if the wedding gown retailer will allow it, you should bring a digital camera so you can have pictures of the bridal gowns you like for future reference.

Many brides try to lose weight before their weddings. Your wedding is a big event and all eyes will be on you, so it's understandable that you want to look your best in your wedding gown.

But even if you are planning on firming up before your wedding, don't order a smaller size that you can't fit into right now. The reason that you shouldn't order a smaller size is because it's not too difficult for a good seamstress to alter your gown to a smaller size, but it is really hard to alter your bridal gown to a bigger size.

As you're trying on dresses, an employee at the bridal gown store may be attending to you. Be sure to keep your own likes and dislikes and don't be swayed by a salesperson.

Most bridal gown employees truly want to help, but some may try to persuade you to purchase a gown that isn't your favorite. Remember that ultimately you are the one who will be wearing the gown and it should please you, so go with your instincts.

How can I find a cheap wedding dress?wedding dresses, cheap wedding dress, discount wedding dress

As with many other wedding expenses, you can save money on your wedding gown if you know a few tricks.

Remember that just like clothes in department stores, gowns are seasonal. If you buy your wedding dress at the right time, you can take advantage of sales on "last season's" gowns. The best time of year to get the biggest savings is late summer and early fall. During this time, new gown styles are coming out and bridal shops need to sell last season's gowns to make room for the new ones.

Many bridal gown styles only change subtly from season to season and many other gowns are classic styles that are timeless, so it really doesn't make a big difference if you're wearing a gown from the previous season. Often just by shopping at the right time, you can get a lovely one for less than half of the original price.

Another great way to save some money is to purchase your dress at a wedding gown trunk show. You can get a designer dress for a very reasonable price. At trunk shows, there are a limited number of dresses featured, but if one of the wedding gowns fits and you can pay at the show, you can save 80-90% of the original cost.

You can also order your bridal gown online or through discount retailers. Often you can find a designer gown at a great price through an online discounter. The caveat with ordering online is that you don't have the same customer service that you'd have with a bridal boutique to help you with any problems with your dress and you also have to find your own seamstress for alterations. But, for many brides, the cost savings is well worth it.

Now that you have the basics for choosing your bridal gown, you'll have more fun shopping and it will be easier for you to get the gown you really want. With these tips and a close friend on your arm, you're ready to find the perfect wedding gown. Happy shopping!