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Wedding Flip Flops

Get style tips and learn how to buy wedding sandals and wedding flip flops

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Once you’ve found your wedding dress, you're going to want to being looking for wedding shoes.  If you’ve planned a more casual event like an outdoor or beach wedding, you can wear a more casual shoe style like wedding flip flops or wedding beach sandals

There are lots of reasons to choose wedding flip flops or wedding beach sandals over other types of footwear for your wedding, comfort is a big reason.  Since lots of brides do wedding flip flops nowadays, there are a variety of styles to choose from. 

But what is the best sandal for you and where can you find a good selection of wedding flip flops? 

Read on to find out all about these shoes and our tips for buying flip flops for your wedding.

Styles For Wedding Flip Flops and wedding beach sandals

Just as with any other type of shoes, you have lots of options to choose from for your wedding sandals.  For starters, you’ll want to consider color.  White or ivory wedding flip flops go with most wedding gowns and can be embellished with silver, white or iridescent details. 

ivory wedding flip flops, wedding beach sandals, wedding flip flopsMost brides do end up choosing white or ivory wedding flip flops.  But if you want to add some personality with a different color, you can wear sandals that are in a pastel pink or blue.  Pale blue flip flops are perfect if you are still looking for the “something blue” part of your wedding ensemble. 

After you choose which color you prefer, you want to think about what kind of decorations you want on your wedding sandals.  Ivory wedding flip flops are the easiest to find in different designs because nearly every type of embellishment goes with that color. 

Whether you look in a retail store or online, there are several styles to choose from. 

You can go glam with rhinestones, sequins and glitter to dress up your flip flops.  You can also find wedding flip flops with flowers on them, beading and ribbon.  And if you can’t find exactly what you want, many small companies produce custom hand made wedding flip flops.  Just find a company online and arrange to have your flip flops made just the way you want them. 

Also if you want to add some height to your frame, you can choose ivory wedding flip flops with a wedge heel.  The heel is flat, so it won’t sink into sand or mud and it still gives you a height boost if you’re petite.  You can often find shoes in many different heights (like 1 inch, 1 ½ inch, etc.) so you can get the perfect height for your wedding dress.

wedding flip flops, ivory wedding flip flops, bridal flip flopsWhere can I buy wedding beach sandals and flip flops?

When you go shopping for your wedding sandals, you may realize that they can be difficult to find.  Your average beach store doesn’t carry dressy flip flops like you’d wear with your wedding dress.  Well, don’t worry, there are lots of places to find wedding beach sandals and flip flops if you know where to look. 

Your best bet for buying wedding flip flops is to purchase them online.  An online retailer that sells wedding shoes or specializes in flip flops will have a large variety of styles to choose from. 

You can also get a great price on wedding flip flops online because the retailer doesn’t have the same costs that a brick and mortar store has.

You can also find wedding flip flops at shoe retailers and department stores.  Though the selection may not be what you’d find online, you can still usually find ivory wedding flip flops in a few different styles at big stores like Nordstrom or shoe retailers like DSW.  But for the best selection and price, do some searches and buy your wedding flip flops from an online retailer.  

Why wear wedding flip flops?

There are lots of reasons why you would choose to wear wedding flip flops over another type of shoes on your wedding day.  First of all, because flip flops are flat on the bottom, they don’t sink into soft sand or other terrain (like gravel or mud.)  Trudging through sand on a beach in sequined stilettos is not exactly fun, and you don’t want a wardrobe malfunction on your wedding day.  Wearing sandals for a beach wedding or an outdoor wedding is often more practical than wearing dressier heels.  You can easily tread through

When you wear wedding flip flops, you can be more comfortable than you would be in heels.  Your feet can breathe and aren’t squished into a tight toe or bended by a high heel.  You may not think about comfort when you usually shop for shoes, but on your wedding day it will be important.  The wedding day will be wonderful and fun, but it will also be long and involve you being on your feet quite a bit.  If you wear comfy flip flops, your feet won’t be aching on your wedding night.

Another reason for choosing wedding sandals is that it brings a special touch to your wedding gown.  In many cases wearing flip flops for your wedding adds a cute and casual detail to otherwise more formal proceedings.  Particularly if you get married on the beach, wedding sandals are another way to bring an easy-going feel to your wedding.