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Wedding Dresses For Hawaii Weddings

Find the best styles for Hawaii wedding gowns and look perfect at your island wedding

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hawaii wedding dress, wedding dress for hawaii weddingWhen you start looking for a wedding dress for your Hawaii wedding, you'll want to use the tropics as a guide in choosing a gown. 

Hawaii wedding dresses should be less formal, but that doesn't make them any less elegant or romantic. 

Additionally, the climate and environment of the Hawaiian islands brings up other considerations like comfort in warm and possibly humid or breezy conditions. 

Hawaii wedding dresses vary in style based on the type of wedding that you will be having.  The one constant is a focus on simple elegance, light fabrics and barer necklines that are fitting for the warm tropical climate of the Hawaiian islands.  The essential element is to ensure that your wedding gown will suit the occasion and fit well with the overall theme of your Hawaii wedding. 

You may be wondering, what things do you look for when shopping for wedding dresses for Hawaii weddings?  Whether your Hawaii wedding style is upscale tropical, nature inspired or tiki themed, there are some essentials that will ensure your Hawaii wedding gown is perfectly suited for your romantic island wedding.   

Tips On Wedding Dresses For Hawaii Weddings

Styles abound when it comes to possible dresses for Hawaii weddings. To get tropical island style right, make sure your dress has some of the following attributes.

Wedding Gown Silhouettes For Hawaii Weddingswedding dresses for hawaii weddings, wedding gowns for hawaii weddings

For Hawaii wedding gowns, you should try to keep the silhouette on the slim side.  A-line, sheath, mermaid or trumpet silhouettes look best for Hawaii weddings.  Not only will these slim silhouettes match the theme of your tropical wedding, they'll also be more comfortable. 

The one exception to this is if you're having a large wedding in one of Hawaii's luxury hotels.  In this case, you can go with a ball gown type wedding dress because you won't be spending a lot of time outdoors.  Slim wedding gowns are still appropriate for this type of Hawaii wedding, but if your heart is set on a poufy princess dress, its fine to wear one in this situation.

Necklines on dresses for Hawaii weddings should be on the bare side.  In the land of bikinis and grass skirts, you shouldn't cover up too much.  Besides, how else will you show off your island tan?  Good necklines for this are sweetheart, halter, scoop and of course strapless.   

Fabrics For Hawaii Wedding Gowns

Hawaii benefits from a temperate climate most of the year, but it is often warm and sometimes humid or breezy on the islands even during the evening hours. 

For comfort and style that will fit well with the atmosphere of Hawaii, lighter fabrics should be used for wedding gowns for Hawaii weddings.   

When you go shopping for your wedding dress, take a look at the fabric.  Is it heavy or is it light and breathable?  Will it be stiff or will the fabric flow in the island breeze?

The best fabrics for Hawaii wedding gowns are light, thin and breathable.  Some of our favorites are cotton, chiffon, charmeuse and silk.      
Hawaii Wedding Dress Decoration

Due to the nature of a tropical wedding and the light weight of the fabric of your wedding dress, its best to go with delicate detailing.  The key is not to overdo it.  Some beading detail at the neckline or on the train looks lovely on wedding dresses for Hawaii weddings.  All-over beading or heavy accents like large rhinestones, sequins or pearls will look out of place. 

The type of wedding dress decorations that will look perfect for a Hawaii wedding are small beads, fabric overlays (like lace or organza) and fabric embellishments like ruffles, ruching or fabric flowers.

Adding Island Style To Wedding Gowns For Hawaii Weddings

Since you're getting married on a tropical isle, it's perfectly fitting for you to add some local flavor to your wedding gown ensemble.  The best way to add tropical elegance to Hawaii wedding dresses is to do it with accessories. 

Consider wearing a crown of tropical flowers and leaves or placing a single hibiscus or frangipangi bloom into your hair.  You could also wear a bracelet or lei made from flowers or dark and shiny kukui nuts.  Another way to add Hawaii style to your wedding gown is to use a lei as a sash or pin a tropical flower to your dress.  And when it comes to wedding shoes, you can either wear flip flops, sandals or go completely barefoot.