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Fresh New Wedding Color Combinations

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When you start thinking about the décor for your wedding, one of the first things to do is determine your wedding color scheme. Your wedding colors will set the stage for the rest of your wedding décor, so you want them to be in line with the general theme of your wedding.

If you've been to a few weddings in the past, you can recognize that certain wedding color combinations are used again and again in wedding décor. When the same colors are over-used at weddings, it makes those events look tired and typical.

Get away from boring wedding colors and give your wedding a fresh and up-to-date look with a unique color palette. Taking trends from the fashion runways, we've put together a collection of the hottest new wedding color schemes.

Vibrant Cobalt Bluewedding color ideas, wedding color scheme, blue wedding colors

Splashed all over the red carpet and in fashion magazines this year, cobalt blue was one of the year's coolest colors. If you want to bring this vibrant color into your wedding décor, pair it with muted neutrals or metallics.

The motto here is to keep it simple. Don't use any other wedding color that challenges the blue or you'll end up with a palette that is too bright. But as long as you stick with blue as the main wedding color, you'll master the cool of cobalt. You can pair cobalt blue with soft gray, white or silver to give it a classy vibe.

Bright Fruity Orange

Orange naturally evokes feelings of energy and excitement, so its no wonder that orange is becoming the color of choice for weddings. If you want to add a fun, light element to your wedding, orange does exactly that. For weddings, the best looking oranges to use are either red toned or yellow toned. wedding color scheme, wedding color combination, wedding color ideas

Pink is a great accent color for orange. Muted pink works well for yellow toned orange and fuchsia pink fits with red toned orange. When combined together, orange and pink add a playful note to your wedding.

Rich Chocolate Brown

Though not a traditional wedding color, brown is a very popular color right now for weddings and for fashion in general. The best browns are medium to deep toned chocolate. Brown is very versatile and can be paired with a wide variety of colors. Chocolate can lend lots of different touches to your wedding depending on what you pair it with. Brown with sage green gives a rustic look while brown with turquoise blue has a mod feel.

wedding color scheme, wedding colors, wedding color ideasJuicy Citrus Yellow 

When you think of yellow, it may not immediately strike you as a fresh wedding color. You may be thinking of yellow as a dated pastel, but that's where you're wrong. The hippest yellows for weddings are bright (think lemon meringue pie.) Yellow comes alive when it's paired with white and black, gray, pale muted blues or neutrals like camel or khaki.

There are several ways you can use this citrus themed shade in your wedding decor. Reception décor in bright yellow with white and black striped accents can give your chic European feel.

A color palette full of trendy hues will give your wedding the originality and style that you want it to have. Your wedding is supposed to be about your personal style, so why not make it fun and unique by choosing some hot new colors? With any of these fresh wedding color combinations you'll give your wedding an exciting update.