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Multi Tiered Wedding Cake Stands

Learn about the different types of wedding cake tier stands for your wedding cake

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wedding cake standOne of the essential elements that makes a wedding cake look good is the wedding cake tier stand

While there are many different types of cake stands and many wedding cakes donít use stands at all, most modern wedding cakes are featured on multi tiered wedding cake stands

These cake stands give wedding cakes an added look of complexity and beauty that cannot be achieved with other wedding cake stands. 

So if youíve decided to use a multi tiered wedding cake stand for your cake, how do you decide what kind to use and where on earth can you find one for your wedding? 

Read on and learn all about multi tiered wedding cake stands Ė what they are, the different types of stands, where to buy them and additional uses for cake stands at your wedding.

What Is A Multi Tiered Wedding Cake Stand?

First things first, a wedding cake tier stand is essentially a group of plates connected by columns or poles that the different wedding cake tiers sit on.  The plates can decrease in size from the bottom to the top of the stand or they can all be the same size. 

The columns or poles can run through the center of the plates, in the back of the plates or around the sides.  The basic idea is to arrange the cake layers in a visually pleasing design; either at different height levels or each tier suspended on top of another one.  

Types of Multi Tiered Wedding Cake Stands

Multi tiered wedding cake stands come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  Wedding cake stands vary from the type of arrangement (a cascade or stack for example,) to the style of the cake stand, to the material the stand is made from (like metal or acrylic.) 

multi tiered wedding cake stand, victorian wedding cake stand, wedding cake standVictorian Garden Wedding Cake Stands

This type of wedding cake tier stand is unique because of the way the different tiers are connected. 

With a Victorian garden wedding cake stand the separate tiers of the wedding cake are supported by scrollwork made from metal or acrylic material.

The swirled design of the tier supports lends a romantic and whimsical looks to wedding cakes.  Itís best used for more ornate wedding cake designs because a Victorian wedding cake stand would look out of place with a simple streamlined cake.

Acrylic Wedding Cake Stands

These are the most popular types of multi tiered wedding cake stands.  Acrylic wedding cake stands work well for all types of cakes because they arenít decorated with any pattern and they are typically colorless, coming in white or clear.  Acrylic wedding cake stands can also be less expensive than other types of stands because the acrylic material is cheaper.

Where to Buy a Multi Tiered Wedding Cake Standwedding cake stand, multi tiered wedding cake stand, wedding cake tier

Often wedding cake stands are included with your wedding cake cost or are sometimes an added rental that you can get from your baker.  If you want a special wedding cake stand or your baker does not provide multi tiered wedding cake stands, you need to purchase a cake stand on your own.  Not to worry, there are several places where you can get a multi tiered wedding cake stand for your cake.  Read on to find the best places to buy a cake stand.

At Cake Baking Supply Stores

Most cake or baking supply stores stock wedding cake stands.  Though cake supply stores can be tough to find in many local areas, there are many online cake supply companies that have a better selection of multi tiered wedding cake stands for you to choose from.  Online cake supply stores typically have better prices also. 

On ebay

Another great source for multi tiered wedding cake stands is eBay.  New and used multi tiered cake stands can be found on eBay.  You will save significant money by purchasing a used multi tiered wedding cake stand.  Plus a used cake stand was probably only used once or twice and can be washed and sanitized just like any other dish.

At Cooking Supply Stores

Some kitchen or cooking supply stores like Sur La Table or Williams Sonoma may carry wedding cake stands.  However, cake stands from this type of store will probably be more expensive than cake stands from other more specialized sources.

Other Uses for Wedding Cake Tier Stands

Even if you already have a wedding cake tier stand for your wedding cake or youíre not using a stand for your cake, there are other ways you can use a cake stand at your wedding.  One way to use a cake stand is to display wedding favors.  Arranged upon a cake stand, wedding favors look more elegant and uniform.   Another way to use a wedding cake stand is to place table assignments on the different tiers.