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Easy Wedding Cake Decor Ideas

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wedding cake, wedding cake decor ideas, wedding cake rosesThe beautiful ending to a wedding reception, the wedding cake should be both delicious and pretty to look at. If you've already looked through some bridal magazines and seen some wedding cake decor, you probably already know that there are lots of types of wedding cake decoration.

Now that you're faced with deciding what type of wedding cake décor you want, how will you choose?

Well, if you're familiar with the most popular types of wedding cake decoration, you'll be able to easily choose which type of cake décor is best for you. Then you can easily explain what you want on your wedding cake to your baker.  Below are some helpful wedding cake decorating ideas.

wedding cake decorating ideas, wedding cake, easy wedding cake decorating ideasFondant Wedding Cake Decoration

While browsing though bridal magazines, you may have come across some wedding cakes with exotic flowers and wild shapes in a range of different colors. If you've seen cakes decorated in such a fashion, they were most likely created with fondant. Made from gelatin and corn syrup, fondant can give wedding cakes a look that is both stiff and silky smooth.

Almost any shape you can dream up can be created with fondant. You can cover your wedding cake with flowers, lace, swirly shapes, butterflies, you name it. Fondant is less tasty than buttercream, but fondant can stand up to warmer temperatures without melting, so it can be used on wedding cakes for outdoor or summertime weddings.

Buttercream Wedding Cake Décor

wedding cake decorating ideas, easy wedding cake decorating ideasThe classic wedding cake icing, buttercream is made up of creamed butter and sugar. You've probably sampled buttercream icing at a birthday party since it's used on all types of special occasion cakes. Buttercream is very sweet and can give wedding cake designs a soft and creamy look.

Less expensive than other types of wedding cake decoration, buttercream is easy to color and work with. But summertime brides beware, because the base for buttercream is butter, it can easily melt in warm temperatures. Because of the melting factor, buttercream isn't the best choice for outdoor wedding receptions, but can be used on cakes in temperature controlled areas year round.


Wedding cake, Wedding cake decor, Chocolate ganache wedding cakeChocolate Ganache Wedding Cake Décor

Chocolate ganache is made from a mixture of heavy cream and chocolate. It is the richest wedding cake décor option and is the only choice for chocoholic brides and grooms!

Though most couples still want white or pale colored cakes, dark brown chocolate ganache is slowly catching on as a popular way to decorate wedding cakes. Wedding cakes done in ganache look modern and sleek. The melting tendency of chocolate ganache and its rich flavor make it best suited for fall and winter weddings.


Marzipan Wedding Cake Décoration wedding cake decor, wedding cake, easy wedding cake decorating ideas

Made from sugar and ground almonds, marzipan has a distinct smooth and sweet almond flavor. Marzipan is often used in wedding cake decor, but is also found in fine food shops as the filling inside gourmet chocolates or as brightly colored fruit candies generally seen around Christmastime.

As it is very malleable, marzipan can be formed into realistic shapes and can be used to decorate your wedding cake with fruit or flower shapes like pears, berries, apples, oranges, small blossoms and roses. Marzipan is also used as the main icing on wedding cakes and can be formed into flower shapes.

Now that you know these wedding cake decoration methods, you can easily decide which type of wedding cake décor is right for your wedding.