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Unique Outdoor Wedding Ideas

Outdoor wedding planning tips for unique and beautiful weddings

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The outdoors is naturally an unforgettable setting for a wedding, so it's no wonder that many couples choose to have outdoor weddings

The great outdoors itself provides lots of inspiration for unique outdoor wedding ideas.  Natural light, greenery, fresh air and blue skies are some of the things that come to mind when you think of an outdoor wedding.  You can use all of these elements to create a unique setting for your outdoor nuptials.

No matter what type of event you're planning, you can find unique outdoor wedding ideas to make your big day special.  From types of decor for outdoor weddings to essential outdoor wedding planning tips, you'll find something to help your event go off without a hitch.  Read on for our most unique outdoor wedding ideas.   

Unique Outdoor Wedding Ideas For Decor

Outdoor weddings don't require much decor but you need to be creative about what decorations you use so they don't compete with natural beauty.  There are lots of ideas for outdoor wedding decoration that will compliment your natural setting.  Think about your wedding theme and your location in general to come up with a few thoughts.  Below are some unique outdoor wedding ideas that you can incorporate into your wedding decor.   

Since you won't be in church, you'll need to make your own aisle runner.  You could use a carpet runner or flower petals, but for a more unique look consider using leaves, shells or smooth river rocks as an aisle runner. 

As the bride and groom walk down the aisle after they've been married, have guests blow bubbles or hold sticks with colored ribbons attached for the couple to walk under.   

Another unique outdoor idea is instead of using a sound system for your outdoor wedding ceremony, hire a band or single musician who uses acoustic instruments.  Music from a harp, a marimba or steel drum is calming and perfectly fitting for an outdoor wedding.  If you prefer songs with lyrics, enlist an a-capella singing group to provide music for your wedding.

Add decor to your outdoor wedding using flower garlands.  You can run them along to connect chairs or decorate trees surrounding the wedding site.  For light, use candles in hurricane glasses - they won't go out when the wind blows.

A unique idea for outdoor weddings in warm weather is to use paper fans as wedding programs.  And if the location fits it, give guests flip flops or parasols as wedding favors at the wedding ceremony.

Unique Outdoor Wedding Sites

Fountains - Many cities have public fountains that are beautiful and would provide a unique backdrop for an outdoor wedding.  Think about the different fountains in your area and contact the city about holding your ceremony or reception at the site.  Rushing water and the exquisite architecture of fountains make them an ideal spot for nuptials.

Golf courses - Whether or not you play golf, you may want to consider using a golf course as the site for your outdoor wedding.  Manicured lawns and green vistas make golf courses a natural choice for outdoor weddings.  The course may also have a clubhouse that you can use as an alternate venue.  

Sculpture gardens - For a unique take on the typical garden wedding, consider using a sculpture garden for your outdoor affair.  Most art museums and even some public areas feature sculpture gardens that you can use.  Form your wedding theme based on the type of sculpture featured.

Historical parks - Does your city have a historical part of town?  Many historical areas have parks or homes with gardens where you can marry.  The added romance of history makes this a very unique and different place to exchange vows.

Outdoor Wedding Planning Tips

When you're planning an outdoor wedding, you're dealing with a different environment that can't be controlled.  Though you hope the weather on your wedding day will be perfect, you have to be prepared. 

On the big day, you may have to deal with elements like bugs, humidity, wind, rain, bright sun, lightning, and hot or cold temperatures.  Keeping this in mind, you can do things with your outdoor wedding planning to anticipate and overcome any issues you may have with mother nature.

Have a backup location for your outdoor wedding

One of the wisest things you can do when planning an outdoor wedding is to arrange for an "emergency" backup location in case of inclement weather.  Many outdoor ceremony and reception sites have meeting rooms or other indoor areas that can be used as alternate sites in the case of bad weather. 

Talk to your contact at the site and see what the typical course of action is when bad weather strikes.  Though you may have to pay an extra fee for the backup location, it will be well worth it should you need the backup.

Bring what you need to be comfortable

The great outdoors is unpredictable and so you need to be prepared for a variety of possible situations.  If it looks like rain on your wedding day, get some umbrellas for guests to use at your wedding site.  Does your wedding location provide little shade?  Display parasols for your guests to use throughout the day. 

Likewise if your wedding location is in an area that may have mosquitoes or biting flies, bring bottles of bug repellant for guests to use if the bugs start biting or have a professional company spray prior to your event.  When you use some advance outdoor wedding planning for these types of situations, you'll easily be able to deal with them when they come along.