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Spring Wedding Flower Bouquets

Find fresh spring wedding flower bouquet ideas for your seasonal bridal flowers

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spring wedding flowers, spring wedding bouquet, spring weddingSpring is a wonderful season for weddings.  Everything is fresh and in bloom during springtime, so it’s only natural for flowers to be a big part of spring weddings. 

To make the most of your flowers, you’ll want to bring in some seasonal elements to your spring wedding flower bouquet.  Sweet details like ribbons wrapped around the stems of your bouquet flowers, add-ins like butterflies or green foliage and springtime colors are a few ways that you can bring the season into your spring wedding flowers.

But if you still need a few ideas for your spring wedding bouquet, read on.  We’ll answer questions like: how can you make your spring wedding flower bouquet look unique? And which flowers are in season for spring wedding bouquets?  

Spring Wedding Flowers For Bouquets

This is the time of year when flowers begin emerging all over the country, so fortunately there are many different types of flowers that are in season for spring weddings.  Of the varying types of blooms, there are some that work better than others for spring wedding flower bouquets. 

Whether you are using mostly white flowers for your spring wedding or you’re going with sweet pastels or vivid brights, you’ll find the perfect wedding flowers available in spring.  Some of our favorites for spring wedding flower bouquets are hyacinths, hydrangeas, alstromeria, peonies, tulips, daffodils, irises, orchids, lilies of the valley, gardenias, anemones and daisies.

Roses for Spring Wedding Bouquets

spring wedding bouquet, spring bridal bouquet, spring wedding flowersTypically less expensive and always classic, roses are another flower that is available in spring for your wedding bouquet.  Roses come in a variety of colors from white to orange to lavender, so they go with most wedding color schemes. 

Even if you’re using another flower as the main focus of your wedding bouquet, consider using roses in addition to help offset the cost. 

For example, if you have a spring wedding bouquet with roses and peonies instead of peonies alone, you could save anywhere from fifty to a hundred dollars on your bouquet.  

Ideas for Spring Wedding Flower Bouquets

There are lots of ways to make your spring wedding bouquet special.  From the colors of springtime to eye catching accents, you can find something to make your spring bridal bouquet unique.

One of the best ways to update your bouquet is with springtime colors.  Pastel colors are the traditional choice for spring, but these days brighter colors like tangerine and hot pink are also gaining popularity for spring wedding flowers.  Magenta with lime green, aqua with tangerine, celadon with cream and robin’s egg blue with light chocolate brown are a few fresh color parings that you can use in your spring wedding flower bouquet.

Another idea is to tie your bouquet with a patterned ribbon for a fun and playful take on springtime.  Ribbon patterned with stripes, gingham, small flowers, polka dots, madras print or a pale colored plaid adds a light spring touch to your wedding bouquet.  If you like this idea, you can take it further by using your chosen pattern on your reception table linens and wedding favor boxes.

You can also add non floral touches to your spring wedding bouquet.  Small wired butterflies, pearls or imitation berries can be placed throughout your bridal bouquet for a unique texture and look.  Other items that can be added are light green leaves and white or green berries.   

Simple Spring Wedding Bouquets

spring wedding, spring wedding bouquet, spring wedding flower bouquet

If you’re going for a look that’s more simple and sweet, there are lots of ways to have simple spring wedding bouquets that look beautiful.  One idea is to use a single type of flower in your wedding bouquet.  You could also use a smaller bouquet of just a few different types of flowers.

Another idea for a simple spring wedding bouquet is to use the organic or loose bouquet style.  This style is as the name implies, made by loosely tying the flowers together with floral wire or ribbon.  Hand-tied bouquets look more natural and are perfect for brides who want a simple bouquet.