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Setting Up Your Wedding Registry

Also see how to ask for monetary gifts for your wedding and honeymoon registry ideas

One of the perks of getting married is that your wedding guests will help you get a home started by showering you with gifts.

Believe it or not, many wedding guests look forward to giving the new couple a wedding gift to help start their new life together. The tough part for wedding guests is knowing what kind of wedding gift to give the newlyweds. By setting up a wedding registry, you are helping your guests by giving them a guide to what you want and need in your new home.

So, how do you receive wedding registry gifts? Also known as a bridal gift registry, stores provide a service where wedding couples register for a list of gifts that they would like to receive. You and your fiancé can just go into your store of choice and inform the clerk that you’d like to open a wedding gift registry. You’ll give some information about your event (like the wedding date and your full name) and then you can begin choosing the items for your wedding registry. You can register online for gifts also.

Setting up a wedding registry can be overwhelming at first, but you’ll find that it’s a lot of fun too. Just keep in mind the general things that you need and make sure that the gifts you register for will all go together. For example, you may really love a pink vase and forest green throw pillows, but they may not go well together in your living room. Many stores that offer wedding registries provide the alternative of registering for gift cards also, and it’s a good idea to keep that option available to guests. There will always be things on your bridal registry that won’t be purchased, and a gift card gives you the flexibility to go back and get the things that nobody buys.

Which Stores Should I USE FOR SETTING Up My WEDDING Registry?

Try to set up a wedding registry at a few different stores, and register for items at varying price points. Chances are, your sister wants to spend more money on your wedding gift than your lunch buddy from work does. It’s also nice to register at a few different stores because while there’s probably not a Crate & Barrel in everyone’s neighborhood, there probably is a Pier 1 Imports. The more diverse your wedding registry gift list is, the more choices and flexibility your guests will have when shopping for your wedding gift.

A popular trend is a honeymoon registry. Many couples are combining their household goods and already have plenty of items already. What is appealing to them is instead of a wedding gift from a store, the couple receives the gift of partial payment of their honeymoon. This gives couples the opportunity to honeymoon somewhere exotic, like Jamaica, Hawaii, the Bahamas, Bermuda or even Paris, and stay at luxury resorts like Sandals, Couples Resorts or the Ritz Carlton, or take a honeymoon cruise.

How Do I Let Guests Know About My Registry For Wedding Registry Gifts?

Many etiquette books will tell you that the only proper way to inform guests of your wedding gift registry is by word of mouth. You tell your family, your fiancé’s family and your wedding party and they will pass it on to anyone who asks. However, if you still want to take more initiative in letting people know, you can do it without printing it in calligraphy on your wedding invitation.

Many retailers offer Wedding Registry Gift Cards – simple cards that state the name of the store where you’re registered. These cards are as small as a business card and can be placed into an engagement, shower or
wedding invitation envelope. You can also notify wedding guests by putting it on your wedding website (if you have one) or via email.