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Get a dreamy look for your wedding day with these updo bridal hair styles

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A wedding is a once in a lifetime experience, so every bride wants to look special on her big day.  For a lot of brides, that means sweeping their hair back into a romantic updo for the wedding

Like other formal occasions, your wedding is a time when itís perfectly appropriate to wear an updo.  Though when you think of an updo, you might automatically think ďbig hairĒ, the reality isnít necessarily so.  These days, romantic wedding updos for hair can be sleek and simple or complex and extravagant.

 The type of wedding updo you pick will depend on the type of wedding youíve chosen to have and the style of your dress.  Your wedding hair style will also be affected by whether you wear a veil and what kind it is. 

Generally, the more formal your wedding is, the more intricate your hair can be.  For example, a mile high updo with ringlets and a tiara wonít look right at a casual country wedding.  You also want your hair to complement your gown, so if your gown is heavy with beading and lace, you may want to go with an elegant simple style for your wedding day hair.   

There are lots of styles to choose from, so deciding on your wedding hair can be a tough choice in itself.  Read on to find the most romantic wedding updos for hair, how to use them in your wedding and our top tips for updos.

Types of Romantic Wedding Updos and How to Do Them

The French Twist

This is a classic updo that looks pretty on everyone.  Pull hair into a low ponytail at the nape of the neck.  Working slowly, pull hair up while twisting it at the same time.  Tuck ends into twist and secure hair with bobby pins.

romantic wedding updoThe Aphrodite

Reminiscent of a goddess, this romantic wedding updo is effortlessly elegant and consists of pinning curls randomly around your head.  This is a half up half down updo and it works best with hair that is think and fairly long. 

You start by forming hair into curls or waves with hot rollers or a large barrel curling iron.  Then in a random pattern, pull pieces of hair and pin them up with bobby pins. 

The Deconstructed French Twist

This is a take on the classic featuring curled tendrils that create a romantic wedding updo look.  Curl hair using a medium barrel curling iron.  Instead of holding hair with the curling iron, wrap it around the iron and hold it in place with your fingers.  Form a low pony tail and pull and twist hair upwards like in a traditional French Twist.  Instead of pinning ends into the twist, leave them out to cascade around.  Pull a few small pieces of hair out to frame the face.

The Princess Crown

Separate hair into five to seven sections.  Going section by section, twist hair into a circular round at the top of the head, and secure with pins.  Make sure each twisted round lines up to create a crown of hair on top of the head.

Wedding Updos for Hair - Top Tips

Make it Last

Your wedding day can seem like a short moment in time, but for your hair itís an all day thing.  For any wedding updo, youíll need to use some styling products to make your hair style last throughout the big day. 

Hair spray, mousse, gel or pomade will all give you the hold youíre looking for.  Make sure that you donít just get hair sprayed in the salon.  Bring a bottle of hair spray or spray gel with you to the ceremony and reception site for last minute touch ups.

Practice with All Pieces

When you get your hair done for the trail run, bring along your veil and any other hair pieces youíll be using.  You want to know exactly what your complete hair ensemble will look like.  That way, on your wedding day you wonít have any unwanted surprises.  If you plan to remove your veil after the wedding ceremony, make sure that your hair style works sans veil too.

Be Picture Perfect

A wonderful error-proof way to know what your wedding updo will look like is to have photos of your hair run through.  Bring a camera to your practice run and have the stylist or a friend take a few pictures of the finished product.  Get photos from a variety of angles (i.e. front, back, side) and youíll know exactly what your hair will look like on your wedding day.