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Renting The Groom's Tuxedo

Learn why renting a tux is a good idea and when the groom should wear a black tuxedo

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Now that itís getting closer to your wedding, itís time to rent the groomís tuxedo.  Though most of the focus of wedding attire is on the brideís wedding dress, the tuxedo the groom wears is no less important to the overall look and style of your wedding.  Since renting a tuxedo isnít something you do every day, you may not know where to start. 

Read on and find out everything you need to know about groom tuxedo rentals

Why rent a tuxedo?  

Most couples choose to rent a groom tuxedo primarily for cost reasons.  Purchasing a tuxedo typically will cost $250 at a minimum while renting a tuxedo can cost as little as $50 or $75 in some cases. 

Another reason why most grooms rent tuxedos is because they donít see a need for having a tuxedo in their wardrobe.  If you donít you foresee future occasions that will require wearing a tux, renting a tuxedo is your best option.

When Is A Black Tuxedo Appropriate For The Groom?

groom tuxedos blackOne question you have to answer is whether or not the groom should wear a black tuxedo at your wedding.  For most weddings, tuxedos are the norm.  There are a few instances where a black tuxedo would not be absolutely necessary and also some situations where the groom must wear a tuxedo. 

Typically for any wedding taking place during the evening hours, a tuxedo is a must.  Grooms should wear black tuxedos for semi formal and formal weddings and white tuxedos for weddings that are extremely formal.  For daytime weddings where the dress code is formal, black tuxedos are a good choice. 

If the wedding is casual, it is perfectly acceptable for the groom to skip a black tuxedo in favor of a suit.

Tips on tuxedo renting for grooms

Unless youíve attended some formal events as an adult, your wedding may be the first time that youíve had to rent a tuxedo since senior prom.  Here are some tips that will make it easier to rent the groomís tuxedo. 

Do your research and find a tuxedo rental shop that offers a wide selection Ė the internet is a great place to start

Talk your wedding plans over with the shop attendant and be sure that the tuxedo you want will be available in time for your wedding

Donít forget to schedule additional tuxedo fittings at the same shop for the groomsmen and other males in the wedding party

Arrange fitting appointments for the groomís tuxedo during the initial visit

Donít leave out the accessories, the groom will need a vest, tie, etc. so be sure to reserve all of those items at the rental shop

Discuss tuxedo rental policies (like if itís your responsibility to dry clean the tux) before committing to any rental agreement


Getting the best fit on a rental tuxedoblack groom's tuxedo

The groomís tuxedo will only look good if it fits properly.  An ill fitting tuxedo will not only look terrible, but it will also be very uncomfortable.  Keep these tuxedo fit tips in mind and the groom wonít be messing with his collar or pulling at his shirt on the wedding day.

First, the jacket of the tuxedo should fit snugly (but not tightly) around the groomís shoulders and the sleeves of the jacket shouldnít go beyond the wrist.  Be sure that the shirt sleeves are only around a half of an inch longer than the sleeves of the jacket.  The back of the jacket should cover the groomís backside without being tight or pulling when he sits down. 

The length of the shirt doesnít matter, but be careful that the shirt is not too billowy around the chest or waist.  The hem of the tuxedo pants should hit around mid-shoe breaking just at the top of the shoelaces.