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Wedding Renewal Vow Samples

Make your vow renewal meaningful with the right words

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wedding renewal vow samplesWhen you renew your wedding vows, there arenít any traditional vows to be said, so you can make the wedding ceremony your own.  Saying personalized vows can bring extra meaning to the wedding festivities.  See below for some renewal vow samples that you can use in your wedding ceremony.  You'll just fill in the blanks with items like your name, the amount of years you've been married and whether you're addressing your husband or your wife. 

Renewal Vow Samples

Timeframe years ago,
When the future stretched out before us,
I vowed to love you forever.
We didnít know what lay ahead,
And the future brought many challenges,
But we met them together.
And Iím happy to say,
That after all these years,
I am even more in love with you.
So, I stand here today

Looking forward to another timeframe years
And another timeframe years beyond that.

I, name, again take you, name,
To be my husband/wife

To have and to hold,
To love and to cherish,
In sickness and in health,
In good times and in bad.
I thank you for the time weíve had together.
And it is with renewed hope and faith,
That I look toward continuing our journey.
And with this renewal of vows,
Our love and commitment
Will grow even stronger.

Use these samples or write your own vows for your renewal.  No matter what you do, saying your vows in your own words will make the ceremony very special.