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Looking For Cheap Rehearsal Dinner Invitations?

Find out how to find inexpensive formal or casual rehearsal dinner invitations

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Your wedding is almost here and now itís time to start thinking about your rehearsal dinner.  No matter what kind of party itís going to be, youíre probably going to need something to invite guests to the rehearsal dinner.  Since youíve probably already spent a lot of money on other parts of your wedding, it makes sense for you to try to find rehearsal dinner invitations cheap

Donít worry unlike with your wedding invitations, finding cheap rehearsal dinner invitations is easy to do.  The main reason is that you donít have to get them printed. 

You can easily use fill in rehearsal dinner invitations or if you want more casual rehearsal dinner invitations you can even make them yourself.

You can find invitations cheap online, from a bookstore or a stationary store. 

Look for invitations that are on thicker paper and come with lined envelopes, these elements give a look of quality and style to your invitations Ė remember, you want to buy rehearsal dinner invitations cheap, but you donít want them to look cheap. 

Also, if youíre using fill in rehearsal dinner invitations, make sure that thereís enough space to fill in the information that you want.  For invitations that youíll print at home, look for papers and formats that will work with your printer.  Die cut shapes and vellum donít always work on ink jet printers, so keep that in mind also.

Fill In Rehearsal Dinner Invitations

fill in rehearsal dinner invitationsThe simplest way to go for your invitations is to use fill in rehearsal dinner invitations.  Using this kind of invitation is very easy to do and doesnít take a lot of time, so it can even be done last minute.  Like the name implies, fill in rehearsal dinner invitations are where you basically fill in the date, time, host, location and name of the event on each invitation and thatís it.   

You can make this type of invitation a little more fun by using a different colored ink pen or marker to write on them.  You can also use a calligraphy pen or fancy lettering to make fill in rehearsal dinner invitations a little more formal.

Casual Rehearsal Dinner Invitations

The rehearsal dinner is a great time to relax before the big formalities of a wedding, so itís good for the dinner to be more laid back than stuffy.  No matter what kind of wedding your have, itís perfectly appropriate to have a relaxed rehearsal dinner.  To fit the occasion, there are lots of choices for casual rehearsal dinner invitations.   

If you want to have cheap rehearsal dinner invitations that still look really nice, you may want to make them yourself.  Just order some fun cardstock from an online stationary store, then choose a design that works for casual rehearsal dinner invitations.  The design for your invitations doesnít necessarily have to match your wedding theme or colors.  Once you have your paper, check on our sample wording for rehearsal dinner invitations to know the best way to invite guests.  Then, put the words into a word processing program and format the document for the right paper size.  Play with the colors and fonts until you like what you see.  Print a sample to be sure everything looks good and ďVoila!Ē you have casual rehearsal dinner invitations that were easy to make and didnít cost a bundle. 

Hopefully, you now have a better idea of how to find inexpensive invitations for your rehearsal dinner.  Saving money on the minor things like this will allow you to spend more money where it counts.