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Outdoor Weddings Las Vegas

Where Can I Get Married in an Outdoor Las Vegas Wedding?

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Las Vegas has several ideal outdoor wedding options that you can consider. They range from beautiful red rock state parks, along tropically landscaped golf courses with special wedding areas, romantic botanical gardens, and along the shores of a scenic lake.

With over 300 days of sunshine and warm weather throughout the year, the weather on your wedding day is likely to be almost perfect!

Regardless of the setting you choose, you can find the right spot for outdoor weddings in Las Vegas. 

Once you narrow down your search, find a reliable and competent wedding planner and they will help you price out the different packages and options available to you.

Outdoor Weddings Las VEGAS -  Locations

Las Vegas Springs Preserve

Located four miles from downtown Las Vegas, in this beautiful botanical garden you'll find eight acres of stunning natural landscape of beautiful red rock, flowing pebble creeks, tropical palm trees, and a very romantic rose garden. This outdoor wedding venue has proven to be very popular.

Valley of Fire State Park

Located about 55 miles north of Las Vegas you'll find the Valley Fire State Park. This location is a stunner, well worth the distance and logistics to incorporate into your wedding. Here you'll find red rock formations that will make your wedding totally unique. The Valley of Fire State Park is part of the Mojave Desert and is on the Moapa Indian Reservation.

Lakeside Gardens Las Vegas

Located on the shores of lake Jacqueline, just 15 minutes or so from the strip in the Desert Shores/Summerlin community, Lakeside Gardens offers two excellent outdoor wedding possibilities in Las Vegas. If you have ever wanted to get married overlooking the water of a beautiful lake, this could be the perfect wedding location in Las Vegas for you.

Tropical Bali Hai Resort

Located on the strip next to Mandalay Bay, this excellent outdoor wedding venue is set on a tropical golf course in a specially designed wedding lawn amidst luxuriant palm trees, cascading waterfalls, and white beaches.  

Outdoor Locations at Hotels

Many of the hotels offer outdoor weddings in Las Vegas. These are usually in garden settings. The Bellagio has a dual level outdoor terrace overlooking a beautiful lake and fountain. The Flamingo Hotel has a fantastic outdoor setting, with five garden and outdoor venues with waterfalls and gazebos - this is truly a beautiful venue!

At Caesars Palace you'll find three outdoor wedding choices, including gardens and fountains. While at the Paris Hotel you can find a poolside cabana wedding venue that is quite popular.    

Shop Around

With so many hotels and venues offering outdoor weddings, Las Vegas is an ideal location to get a competitive price.  Don't be afraid to compare prices at several venues before making a decision.  We suggest you inform the vendors you are working with about the other wedding packages you're considering.  Because business is so competitive, you'll likely get some extras included or a lower price in order to get your business.

The internet is an ideal place to begin your search - just about every wedding planner and wedding venue for outdoor weddings in Las Vegas is online. Take the time to see what they offer and you'll find both your ideal outdoor wedding location and a competitive price you can be happy with.