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Outdoor Wedding Supplies And Arches

How to find and use an outdoor wedding arch, outdoor wedding aisle runners and more

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When you have an outdoor wedding, you donít have any of the structure that walls and ceilings provide. 

While Mother Nature provides a lovely backdrop for outdoor weddings, you should add a few items to set the stage for your outdoor event. 

To create a setting and add ambiance, youíll need to use some outdoor wedding supplies.  Some of the most popular items that you can use are an outdoor wedding arch, rose petal path, aisle runner and chair decorations.  Using these elements, you can make a romantic and beautiful setting in the great outdoors for your wedding.

Read on to find out more about outdoor wedding supplies and how you can use them in a unique way.  Youíll also find tips on renting or purchasing these supplies.

Using An Outdoor Wedding Arch

Using an arch is an ideal way of creating a center focal point or ďaltarĒ for the bride and groom to stand at for the wedding ceremony.  Outdoor wedding arches can be decorated in many different ways, but no matter how you decorate the arch, it will bring structure to your outdoor wedding setting.  Most outdoor wedding arches are created from wood or tree branches, but they can also be made of metal.  You can decorate them with fresh flowers, bamboo, pine branches, ribbons, drapes of fabric (like gauze or tulle,) silk flowers, leaves, palm fronds, tissue paper, balloons or even hanging candles.

You can buy an outdoor wedding arch online or you can rent one from a wedding supply company in your area.  You could also make an outdoor wedding arch by yourself if you have the space and time. 

Outdoor Wedding Aisle Runners

If you donít want to use a rose petal path for your outdoor wedding, youíll need to get an aisle runner made from fabric or other material.  Outdoor wedding aisle runners should be made from sturdy material that wonít easily stain when placed on grass or dirt. 

You can buy a fabric aisle runner online or you can create your own aisle runner by using a series of wide ribbons running down the aisle.  

Decorating Chairs for Outdoor Weddings

An easy way to add ambiance to your outdoor wedding is to decorate chair backs and sides at your wedding ceremony.  There are several ways to go about decorating chairs for outdoor weddings. 

You can place floral wreaths or swags across chairs.  Probably the most inexpensive thing you could do is just to tie ribbons around chairs or create a unique bow with decorative items like seashells, buttons and tulle. 

You could use ribbons of different shades and some could be tied in bows while others are wrapped around chairs like maypoles.  Another idea for decorating chair for outdoor weddings is to create cones out of paper, fill them with flowers and tie those to chairs.

Using a Rose Petal Path for Outdoor Weddings

One of the most popular things to do for outdoor weddings is to create a path down the aisle with rose petals, greenery or petals from other flowers.  Using rose petals for outdoor weddings is practical for many reasons.  Rose petal paths are sturdy and wonít tear apart when the bride walks on them and because they are natural, they donít need to be cleaned up after the wedding is over.  Also rose petals are fairly inexpensive, so it doesnít cost a fortune to buy enough to make a clear path.  You can purchase rose petals in bulk from the internet or from your florist.  On the day of the wedding, have your florist or someone else scatter the petals along the ground to make a path down the aisle.

Outdoor Wedding Reception Tents

If your wedding reception is also outdoors, youíll need a tent to cover the wedding reception area.  Talk to your contact at the reception site and find out about any regulations before you rent your wedding reception tent.  Then look online for tent rental companies or look up rentals in your phonebook. 

When you discuss the terms with the tent rental company, be sure to find out if the rental includes setup, break down, a dance floor and any other items that may be needed for your wedding reception tent.