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Decorations For Outdoor Weddings

Find themes and tips for unique outdoor beach weddings

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ideas for outdoor wedding decoration, decorations for outdoor weddings, outdoor wedding decorWhen you have an outdoor wedding, you already have the beauty of nature as a backdrop for your decorations. 

Depending on the natural site that you’re working with, you may not need many outdoor wedding decorations. 

But at a minimum, you’ll probably want a few items to carry over the theme of your wedding and to add a consistent from your wedding ceremony to your reception. 

Decorations for outdoor weddings should take a cue from your natural setting.  If you’re getting married by the beach, use the breezy casual feel to guide you.  If a modern sculpture garden is your site, go with an artsy theme. 

No matter where you hold your outdoor wedding, you can find decorations that will enhance the scenery of your wedding site. 

Ideas For Outdoor Wedding Decorations

Even if you have a few thoughts, you may still need some inspiration for outdoor wedding decorating.  Read on for our best ideas for outdoor wedding decorations.  For a simple setting, pick one or two ideas.  If you want a more dramatic look, choose a few different ideas for your outdoor wedding decoration.     

Floral Wreath and Garland Decorations for Outdoor Weddings

To add a unique touch to the decorations for your outdoor wedding, consider using wreaths and garlands in your décor.  You can use floral wreaths on trees, gates and chair-backs.  Garlands can be wound around a gate, from chair to chair or you can link trees with garlands to create a more defined space. 

If you like the idea of using wreaths and garlands, consider wearing a tasteful crown of flowers with your wedding dress.  You could also carry a sort of wedding garland instead of a traditional bouquet.

outdoor wedding decorations, ideas for outdoor wedding decoration, decorations for outdoor weddingsLighting in Outdoor Wedding Decorations

One thing that you need to consider with decorations for outdoor weddings is whether your wedding will be well lit by sunlight or if you’ll need additional lighting.  The proper lights accenting your outdoor wedding decoration will create a specific mood, making your decorations look just right. 

With outdoor weddings, there are a few different lighting options you can use for decoration.  Luminaries or thin paper lanterns will add soft romantic light.  You could also use spotlights in trees and on sculpture.  If your wedding has a country of preppy theme, consider renting quaint streetlamps to light your wedding.  White string lights are an inexpensive choice that always looks good too.

Natural Elements in Outdoor Wedding Decoration

Incorporate nature into your outdoor wedding decorations wherever you can.  For your ceremony, use wood containers for floral decorations – like baskets of tulips lining the aisle.  You can also create an outdoor wedding arch with tree boughs and lightweight fabric or flowers decorating the arch.

For outdoor receptions, consider centerpieces in natural looking containers.  Baskets, bird nests, large conch shells, gourds or pumpkins will add just the right touch of nature to your centerpieces.  You could also line glass vases with large leaves to give them a more natural look.

Altar Decorations for Outdoor Weddings

The altar is the focal point of the wedding ceremony, so it should be decorated.  Since you won’t have a typical altar to stand at while you get married, you’ll need to create one. 

For a backdrop, consider using a trellis with fabric panels.  The fabric panels will add some color to your outdoor wedding decorations while creating a simple altarpiece. 

You can also marry under an arch, which can be created using wood poles, metal poles, tree branches or palm fronds.  Arches can be decorated with fabric, electric lights, flowers or leaves. 

Another way to make the altar is to use two large floral arrangements on both sides of the front aisles. 

You can use an urn filled with flowers or a smaller floral arrangement raised up on a column.  Another idea is to use topiaries in matching shapes to mark the altar.

Functional Outdoor Wedding Décor

Don’t forget to use decorations in a practical way to help you guests get around the outdoor wedding site.  Signs pointing the guests where the wedding is located, luminaries lining outdoor pathways and containers full of paper parasols or fans are all functional items that contribute to your overall decorations.