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Find out How to Make a Wedding Guestbook Step by Step - It's Easier Than You Think

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how to make your own wedding guestbookTo start making your wedding guestbook, youíll want to purchase a cheap blank book with at least 20 paper pages.  You can buy the book from an arts and crafts store, online or from a stationary store. 

Donít worry about the design on the cover of the book; youíre going to change that.  Try to find a guestbook with completely blank pages. 

A book without lined pages will give your guests a little more room for creativity when they write a message.

Youíll also want to purchase the following supplies to make your own wedding guestbook:

Double sided tape
Sharp scissors
Decorative cloth or sheets of decorative paper
Ribbons, labels, beads, jewels, dried flowers, glitter or other embellishments
A stencil or stamp and fabric markers, ink or fabric paint


Paper Or Cloth for Your Wedding Guestbook?

Let your wedding style be your guide when choosing paper or cloth to make your own wedding guestbook.  Think in terms of your wedding theme and what patterns and colors will compliment it.  If youíre having a spring wedding, maybe youíll choose paper with dried flowers impressed on it.  If your wedding is a formal affair, maybe youíll select an elegant damask as your guestbook cloth.

Where will I get supplies?

wedding guestbook making suppliesThere are a few different places where you can get supplies to make your own wedding guestbook.  For papers and embellishments (like beads, ribbons or faux jewels), check out your local arts and crafts store, a stationary store or a scrap book store.  You can also find supplies to make your own wedding guestbook from online retailers.  There are lots of online stores that carry distinctive papers and pretty embellishments. 

Buying online is the best choice if you want something particular, you donít want to pay a lot for your supplies and you donít really want to go all over town shopping for them. 

How to Make Your Own Wedding Guestbook the Easy Way

First, select the cloth or paper that you want to use as the cover for the book.  Then using a ruler, measure the width and the height for the cover of the book. 

If youíre using paper, cut the sheet of paper evenly with the height and about 1 and a half inches greater than the width of the book.  Check the width and make sure itís right by seeing that when the book is closed, the paper will go a half of an inch beyond the edge of the book. 

Just like you did when wrapping your textbooks for school, place the book in the center of the paper and fold the edges of the paper over the front cover and then the back and affix the paper with double sided tape.

If youíre wrapping the book with cloth, subtract a half inch from the width of the book and add an inch to the height.  Cut the cloth to these measurements. 

Set the book onto the cloth so thereís half of an inch overhanging the right edge, the top and the bottom edge.  Carefully wrap the edges over the bookís cover and seal the inside cover with double sided tape.  Repeat the process for the back cover. 

Make Your Guestbook Unique with These Touches

There are lots of ways to make your guestbook personal.  You can use craft glue or a glue gun to stick different embellishments to the fabric or cloth in a swirling design.  You can spray the fabric or cloth with glitter. 

Using ribbon cut to the width of the book, you can wrap a ribbon around the center of the book and then affix a pre-made bow to the ribbon on the front cover.  

Get a monogrammed look by using a stencil of your initials and fabric markers (or a stamp and ink) and place your monogram on the cover of your wedding guestbook. 

Using hot glue or superglue, attach your wedding invitation or a photo to the front of your guestbook.

A special poem or even a copy of your wedding vows in the front of your wedding guestbook can give it a unique touch.  You can also collect items from your wedding day and place them throughout the book using adhesive.


Finishing Touches

Now that youíve taken so much time to make a wedding guestbook, youíll want your guestsí inscriptions to be in high quality ink using a nice pen.  When you take care to select a guestbook pen of good quality, youíll be able to read your guestsí comments for years to come without the writing becoming faded or discolored.  You can purchase nice pens online or from an office supply store.  Donít get caught up in the price of pens.  Keep in mind the reason why you want to spend a little more on your guestbook pen and then youíll see that paying over $20 for a writing instrument doesnít seem so crazy.  Lesser quality ink can smudge, fade away or become discolored (for example, black ink can become brownish orange.)