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Las Vegas Wedding Package Deals

Looking For Affordable Las Vegas Wedding Packages?

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las vegas wedding package, las vegas wedding deal, vegas wedding packageIf you're getting married in Las Vegas, you'll probably reserve a Las Vegas wedding package deal at a chapel or casino hotel. 

Whether you want your wedding to be very kitschy with Elvises or you want it to be elegant and sophisticated, you can find an affordable Las Vegas wedding package to suit you.

Read on as we go over the different types of Las Vegas wedding package deals that are available.  No matter what kind of Vegas wedding you want, there is a type of package designed just for you. 

Types of Vegas Wedding Packages

Las Vegas Wedding Chapel Packages

The Vegas strip is filled with wedding chapels from the drive-through variety to the full scale chapel, if you want to wed in one of these classic locations, there are plenty to choose from. 

For the most affordable wedding package possible, a chapel is your best bet. 

Many wedding chapels in Las Vegas can do either a short and sweet wedding or an extravagant wedding package deal complete with music, photography, champagne, flowers, and even an Elvis impersonator if that's your style.  Basic packages generally start at around $150 and go up from there with add-ons like flowers and music.  Las Vegas wedding chapel packages usually have a time limit, so if you want more than 15 or 30 minutes in the chapel, be sure to get a package that includes more time. 

Las Vegas Casino Hotel Wedding Packages

Casino hotels like the Bellagio or Mandalay Bay offer more upscale wedding packages.  These Vegas casino hotel packages typically cost more than the ones at Las Vegas wedding chapels, but they also provide a more elegant environment.  Casino hotel packages range from around $1,000 up to $15,000 depending on the hotel, the services included and the location you choose on the property.  Some discount casino hotels offer cheaper wedding packages that can work with a tighter budget. 

When you get married at a casino hotel, you and your guests usually get a reduced rate on hotel rooms at the property.  In fact, your room stay may be part of your package price.  Another good thing about getting married in a casino hotel is that you can have your wedding reception in one of the hotel's banquet halls or take your group to an on-property restaurant. 

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Why do a Las Vegas Wedding Package?

The big benefit of getting married in Las Vegas is that most of your wedding is part of a package deal.  That means that when you reserve your wedding date at a casino hotel or wedding chapel, you'll be choosing the services that you want and they'll all be priced together as a wedding package. 

Most chapels and casino hotels have pre-arranged packages for you to choose from.  Having all of your wedding details in a package deal is wonderful because you don't have to worry about every last detail and there are less decisions for you to make.  For most brides, fewer details and decisions means less stress. 

Las Vegas Wedding Package Tips

Knowing What's Included

When you are shopping around for wedding packages, be aware of what is included in each deal you consider.  Lower priced packages can sometimes be misleading because they don't include the services of a minister (also called a minister's fee) or they charge extra for additional time.  Also know that extra photos or different flowers outside what's included in the package will come at an additional cost.  As with any wedding service, tips may be expected from the minister or other participating vendors, be sure to ask your contact at the wedding site about tipping. 

Reserving Your Package

Though you can usually book a Las Vegas wedding package in short notice, you’ll want to reserve ahead if you have a large group or if you're considering holding the wedding during any holidays.  Valentines Day and New Year’s Eve are particularly popular, so those dates can book up to a year or more in advance.  

Checking for Quality

Unless you live in the Las Vegas area or you travel to the city often, you won't be able to personally check the quality of the packaged services before you book your wedding package.  Since leaving it all up to chance is out of the question for most brides, you need to be able to access the wedding services that are provided.  Ask for photographs, videos, a virtual tour or customer testimonials. 

Seeing the ceremony site through a picture or virtual tour or speaking with someone who's done the same package will give you an idea of what you're getting.  Once you have that assurance, you can have peace of mind that everything about your wedding will be just the way you want it to be.

Renting Formal Attire

Due to the "last minute" element of many Las Vegas weddings, there are several places where you can rent formal wear for your wedding.  Renting a bridal gown and tuxedo can also be a way to save some money on your wedding.  If your bridal gown is probably going to sit in your closet for years after your wedding, renting a dress might be a good option.  The caveats of renting a gown are that you won't have the same choice of styles and it won't be a custom fitted as it would if you purchased a dress.   

If you’re buying your gown at home, consider bringing some of Vegas into your wedding by selecting a wedding gown that is fun as opposed to formal.  Gown designers make many glamorous gowns that come in shorter lengths or are embellished with sequins or rhinestones.