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Las Vegas Golf Course Weddings

Want to have a Las Vegas Golf Wedding?

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las vegas golf course weddingWith so many golf courses in the area, it makes sense that a lot of Las Vegas weddings take place on golf courses. 

A Las Vegas golf course wedding can be very elegant and romantic. 

Golf courses are typically manicured and the facilities are well maintained, which means a beautiful setting for your wedding. 

Golf course wedding sites in Las Vegas can be more elaborate and include on-premises banquet halls, restaurants and hotels or they can be simple, consisting of only the course and a clubhouse.

What You Should Know about LAs Vegas Golf Weddings

The Cost

Golf course weddings in Las Vegas are priced similarly to traditional weddings with different charges for the ceremony and reception site and catering.  Flowers and music are not generally included.  And since everything is priced separately, the costs add up to be around what you'd pay for a wedding in any city across the US.  There are a few golf courses that offer package deals including various services, and this can be a cheaper way to go if you want to save some money. 

What's Included

When you reserve the space for your Las Vegas golf wedding, you'll want to get in writing a list of everything that's included.  Since golf course weddings are more like traditional weddings, you will probably pay for each service a la carte.  Meaning that it's likely that each part of your wedding will have a different cost. 

las vegas golf course wedding, vegas golf wedding, golf wedding las vegasMost courses will include chairs, a wedding consultant, setup and breakdown with the ceremony site fee.  The reception fee will include the use of the space, tables, chairs, china, setup and breakdown.  Some reception fees may include part of the catering or bar service cost. 

What won't be included are things like your hotel stay (if the golf course is on property), flowers, the services of an officiant, a disc jockey or a photographer.  Decide on your budget and what you can afford, then shop around for a golf course wedding location that meets your needs and stays within your guidelines.

The Importance of Location

If you're have a golf course wedding in Las Vegas as a destination wedding, you'll want to carefully consider the location of the course.  Your guests will need accommodation and they'll probably want to be near the excitement of the Vegas strip.  Also keep in mind how your guests will get to and from the wedding. 

If all of the guests stay at the same hotel (which would be good so you can take advantage of group rates), perhaps you can rent a trolley or bus to transport them to the wedding site.  There are some golf courses right on the Las Vegas strip, but many courses are located further away or just outside the city limits.  Know the location well so you can choose a golf course that will be convenient for you and all of your wedding guests.