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How to Buy Wedding Flowers - Important Questions To Ask Your Wedding Florist When Buying Wedding Flowers

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Buying wedding flowers shouldn’t be a daunting task.  Often, you just need to ask a friend for the name of her wedding florist or get the list of preferred vendors from your wedding reception site. 

After you have some possible florist leads,  you’ll meet with a few florists and determine if their wedding flower style matches yours.

wedding bouquet, wedding flowers, wedding florist bouquetSome great places to get referrals for buying wedding flowers are from friends, family, your wedding planner or the contact at your wedding reception site. 

If you have already hired other vendors, like a photographer or caterer, they may also be able to assist you in choosing a wedding florist by referring you to one.  The newspaper, wedding publications, and the phone book are other avenues to look for florists.

Pick up the phone and make some initial appointments with a few different florists.  Once you meet with them, ask for some examples of the wedding related work that they’ve done in the past to see if their floral style will fit your wedding style before your begin buying wedding flowers for your wedding.

Questions to ask potential wedding florists

Can I see some photos of wedding flowers that you’ve done in the past?

What flowers will be in season for my wedding date?

Have you done flowers for a wedding at {insert wedding and reception site name here} before?

How many weddings do you typically do in one weekend?

Will you do the wedding flower delivery and setup?

Do you offer other items for weddings (like candles) for rental?

Can I change my order if I have another idea for my wedding flowers?

Now that you are familiar with my wedding style, what are your ideas for my wedding flowers?

(After discussing your vision and the amount of floral arrangements needed) What is a realistic price range for what I’ve described?

Remember, the more information a florist has, the better she can create what you want. It will be helpful if you bring some pictures of wedding flowers and a list of the people who will need individual flowers to the meeting. Also, if you know your wedding colors, you should bring a swatch of fabric or a photo of the exact shades of colors you’ll be using in your wedding. If you’ve already chosen your wedding gown, bring a picture of that as well. You’ll want to discuss your ideas for the wedding flowers and see what ideas and suggestions the florist has.