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Some Honeymoon Registry Ideas to Consider

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A honeymoon bridal registry is a practical way to allow guests to help start the new couple out with something they actually need in their new life.  In the past, when a newly married couple started out and set up their house, the standard gift registry was the way to go.

The big difference today is that many people are waiting longer to get married and have often lived on their own before marriage.  As a result, the wedding couple has already acquired the necessary components between them and are no longer in need of more serving plates, silverware, dishes, candleholders, etc.

What the wedding couple may lack instead, or appreciate more instead, are the money to experience a truly memorable honeymoon. Honeymoon registries were developed as a result of these factors.

Instead of the usual registry list containing household items, such as small kitchen appliances and placemats, honeymoon registries contain individual components of the dream honeymoon for the wedding couple. Instead of the traditional, here are some other honeymoon registry ideas you can use.

Friends and family now can help the couple pay for airfare and resort accommodations for their honeymoon. They can also purchase related gifts, such as a sunset dinner sailing, a champagne breakfast in bed, or other romantic gifts.

The items on honeymoon bridal registry list often include activities and excursions.  Some examples might be a windsurfing or scuba diving course at the resort, horseback riding along the beach, sailboat rental, etc. These additional touches will help the wedding couple have fabulous experiences and create lifelong memories of their honeymoon.

Which honeymoon registry idea is right for you?  Registry fees and services vary greatly.  You'll need to search online or follow the links on this webpage to see all that is available for a honeymoon registry.

Many couples work directly with a travel agent, either online or in their local area. You should contact several agencies to find the right one for you. 

Once you have the honeymoon plans completed, contact a honeymoon registry service to finalize your activities and then set up your registry.