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Homemade Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Ideas and tips for making homemade wedding centerpieces

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homemade wedding centerpieces, homemade wedding centerpiece ideas, wedding centerpieceThese days brides and grooms try to save money on their weddings however they can.  This means doing some aspects of a wedding on their own like homemade wedding centerpieces and other decorations for their wedding reception.

Homemade wedding centerpieces range from floating candles in the water of a decorative bowl to a cleverly arranged basket of seasonal fruit and flowers to a more complex floral arrangement. 

What you create for your homemade wedding centerpieces will depend on the amount of time you have, the quality of your supplies and the level of your crafting or flower arranging skills.

If you need a little help, you've come to the right place.  Read on as we go over homemade wedding centerpiece ideas and tips that you can use to make your own beautiful wedding centerpieces.  With a few unique ideas and the right supplies, you can have professional looking centerpieces at your wedding without the added cost of hiring someone else to create them.

Homemade Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

When you make your own wedding centerpieces you have the freedom of using your own ideas and getting exactly the kind of wedding centerpieces that you want.  The tough part is that sometimes it can be hard to think of homemade wedding centerpiece ideas that will work well within a budget and will be easy to make when the time comes.

There are a few different places where you can find homemade wedding centerpiece ideas.  Bridal magazines, arts and craft store displays and friend's weddings are great places to find ideas.  Below are some of our favorite ideas for homemade centerpieces.

Personalize Your Homemade Wedding Centerpieces

The best thing about doing homemade wedding centerpieces is that you can really personalize them and make them unique to your wedding.  Don't be afraid to put your personality into the centerpieces and other decorations, these are the things that make some weddings more memorable than others.

homemade wedding centerpieces, homemade wedding centerpiece ideas, wedding centerpieceThere are lots of ways to personalize your homemade wedding centerpieces.  You could use a monogram on the centerpiece container, like a hand painted monogram on a white pail that holds a bunch of daisies. 

You could also use a plastic or wood monogram mounted on a stick that you can place within a flower arrangement.  A plastic monogram could be placed in the center of a table with flower petals and votive candles surrounding it.

Another way to personalize your centerpieces is to include aspects that are important to your relationship or personality in the centerpieces.  You can create homemade centerpieces in your favorite color or with your favorite flower, you could also add details like miniature music instruments. 

You can also use photographs to make your centerpieces unique.  Photos of the bride and groom mounted on sticks and placed into floral arrangements or photos printed onto vellum and attached to hurricane glasses add a unique touch.

Homemade Wedding Flower Centerpieces

Flowers are popular for centerpieces and if you choose inexpensive blooms that are easy to work with, you can create homemade centerpieces with flowers.  Daisies, roses, gerbera daisies, alstromeria and carnations all work well for homemade wedding centerpieces.

Arrange flowers in a loose bunch and place them in a basket or pail for an organic simple look.  You could also purchase a floral frog and try your hand at flower arranging.  Another idea is to tightly bind the flowers with floral wire or floral tape and place them in vases for centerpieces.  Certain flowers look very attractive when bound tightly together, carnations for example have the same look as some other more expensive flowers when you arrange them tightly together.

Get flowers for homemade wedding centerpieces at your local florist, grocery floral department or from an online florist.  Lots of online florists specialize in wedding flower delivery and you can usually save a significant amount of money.  These online florists also give advice on storing and arranging the flowers.  

Inexpensive Wedding Centerpieces You Can Make

If you really want to save some money on your homemade wedding centerpieces, there are lots of ideas that you can use.  Rent bowls or glass vases from your caterer or reception site and fill them with water and floating candles.  If you want more color, add food coloring to the water or scatter flower petals around the bowl.  Another idea is to use fruit in your homemade centerpiece.  A basket of fresh fruit (like lemons and limes or apples and pears) looks lovely and works very well for spring or autumn weddings.  

You could also use other objects as your wedding centerpiece, like an artful arrangement of the wedding favors.  If you're having a seaside wedding, use shells and driftwood in a combination with candles to create a centerpiece.  For winter weddings, pinecones or branches of holly make nice homemade centerpieces.

Getting The Right Supplies For Homemade Wedding Centerpieces

The look of your homemade wedding centerpieces will be greatly affected by the quality of the supplies you use.  To save money and still get a good selection of quality items, look online for your centerpiece supplies.  Baskets, candles, fresh and silk flowers and candleholders can all be purchased online.  You can also find centerpiece supplies at arts and crafts stores.  Compare prices to make sure you get the best deal.