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Fresh Floral Bridal Bouquets

Find flowers for a fresh floral bridal bouquet and get tips on keeping it fresh all day

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fresh floral bridal bouquet, fresh floral bouquet, fresh wedding bouquetThere really is no substitute for fresh floral bridal bouquets. 

Fresh flowers have a look and a scent that can’t be duplicated by silk flowers or other decorative items. 

When you choose to have a fresh floral bridal bouquet, you’re adding beauty to your wedding day look and to your overall wedding theme. 

Once you decide to have fresh flowers in your wedding bouquet, you need to figure out which blooms will look best and how to keep them that way all day long. 

What fresh flowers will go with your wedding colors and theme?  How can you keep your fresh floral bridal bouquet looking perfect throughout your wedding day?  We answer these questions and more below.  Read on and find everything you need to know about fresh floral bridal bouquets.

Flowers For Fresh Floral Bouquets By Color

Since flowers are often a compliment to the overall wedding colors and theme, you’ll need to find out which colors are available for your fresh floral bridal bouquet.  You can mix and match colors in your bridal bouquet or you can choose one color for a monochromatic look.  You could also choose one type of flower and use it in a variety of colors or for a bold statement; you can choose one type of flower in one signature color for your bouquet. 

Here we’ll go over different colors and the most popular bridal flowers that come in that color.  Get ideas to make your own unique wedding flower palette or just pick the flowers that are available in your chosen wedding color.

White Bridal Bouquet Flowerswhite bridal bouquet, white bridal flowers, fresh floral wedding bouquet

White is the classic wedding color and many brides choose to incorporate it into their wedding bouquet.  The most popular blooms for fresh floral bouquets are: stephanotis, calla lily, hydrangea, orange blossom, gardenia, clematis, spray rose, anemone, daisy, snowdrop and baby’s breath.

Pink Flowers for Fresh Bridal Bouquets

Another popular color for weddings, pink adds a bit of femininity to fresh floral bridal bouquets.  Some pink flowers that you can use in your bouquet are: peony, begonia, gladiola, zinnia, azalea, rose and sweet pea.

Purple Flowers for Fresh Bridal Bouquets

Purple has long been known as a regal color.  Whether you choose a soft purple shade or a deep hue, these blossoms will add some color to your fresh floral bridal bouquet: tulip, violet, lilac, lavender, allium, foxglove and pansy.  

Blue Bridal Bouquet Flowers

The color blue has long been associated with weddings.  When you carry a fresh floral wedding bouquet in this color, you already have your “something blue.”  Some flowers that come in this color are: hyacinth, hydrangea, delphinium, blue lace flower, lily of the valley, iris, scilla and bluebell.

Yellow Flowers for Fresh Wedding Bouquets

Adding yellow blooms to your bouquet gives a light and fun look to your flowers.  A few types of flowers that come in yellow are: ranunculus, poppy, cybidium orchid, daffodil, sunflower and mimosa.

Red Wedding Bouquet Flowers

To make a bold statement, no color does it better than red.  Fresh bouquet flowers that come in this dramatic shade are: dahlia, rose, cosmo, gerbera daisy, lily, anemone, ranunculus and fuchsia.  

Orange Bridal Bouquet Flowers

Quickly growing in popularity, orange bridal flowers are bold and punchy.  Flowers that come in this shade are: parrot tulip, gerbera daisy, rose, crocus and primula.


Though real flowers are subject to wilting in certain conditions, you can keep your fresh floral wedding bouquet looking good all day by doing a few simple things. 

First you’ll want to keep your bridal bouquet in fresh water and in a temperature controlled area right up until you carry it down the aisle.  The less exposure your bouquet has to harsh temperatures, the better. 

The next thing you can do to keep your floral wedding bouquet fresh is to put it in water whenever you can between the ceremony, wedding photographs and the reception.  Have one of your bridesmaids be in charge of placing the bouquet into a vase of water whenever possible.

And the last thing you can do to make your bridal bouquet look fresh is to be careful when handling your bouquet.  Fresh flowers are delicate and petals can be bruised by touching.  Whenever you pick up or put down your fresh wedding bouquet, do it with care.