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Your wedding vows should be said from the heart.

Whether you use traditional wedding vows or you choose to write your own, your wedding vows are important because they are the emotionally binding part of the wedding ceremony.

We've included a few free wedding vow samples and wedding vow examples below.




Traditional Wedding Vow Example

I, name, take you name,
To be my husband/wife,
I will love you, comfort you,
Honor and keep you,
For richer or for poorer,
In sickness and in health,
For better or for worse,
In sadness and in joy.
And, forsaking all others,
I will cherish you
All the days of my life.


I, name, promise
to love you, name.
To remain honest and
faithful to you,
To be a comfort for you
when you are in pain,
To share your joy
when you are
filled with happiness,
To support and
nurture you always,
To grow with you,
And to appreciate
the gift of your love,
Today and every day,
for the rest of our lives.


In the presence of
our friends and family,
On this extraordinary day,
I, name, take you, name,
To be my wedded husband/wife
In love and in friendship,
In honor and devotion,
I vow to share
The joy and sorrow,
The success and hardship,
And to celebrate
our union together
Today and every day
for the rest of our lives.

I have never been happier
Than I am at this moment.
Name, I can't wait
to start our journey together.
And just looking at you now,
fills my heart with tenderness.
Whatever challenges we may face,
I know our love will persevere.
And no matter
how much time may pass,
I know our love will get stronger.
I pledge my all to you,
and I promise to love you
Forever and ever.