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The Essential Free Wedding To Do Checklist

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One of the first things you should do when you get engaged is get a free wedding planning checklist. An easy to use wedding to do checklist will be endlessly helpful in keeping your wedding organized and keeping you stress-free through all of your wedding planning.

Because every wedding is different, our free wedding planning checklist will differ slightly for every bride. But, there are some basics tasks that every bride will need to complete for her wedding.

The wedding to do checklist below gives you the essential tasks that you'll need to complete in the months before your wedding. Copy the list for your wedding planning and amend it with any "to-do's" specific to your big day.

6-12 Months Before Your Wedding

__ Send out engagement announcements

__ Determine the type of wedding you'll have

__ Set the date and time of your wedding

__ Determine your wedding budget and who will be
      paying for the wedding

__ Book the location for your wedding ceremony and

__ Select your bridal party

__ Register for gifts

__ Determine the theme and colors for your wedding

__ Select a caterer for your wedding

__ Shop for and order your wedding gown

__ Shop for and order your wedding accessories
      (shoes, veil, jewelry, underclothes)

__ Start honeymoon planning

__ Select and order bridesmaids' dresses

__ Select photographer

__ Select florist

__ Determine guest list

__ Decide on attire for groom and groomsmen and set
      up rental or purchase of attire

__ Book wedding day transportation

__ Reserve musicians or disc jockey for wedding
      ceremony and reception

__ Reserve officiant or minister for wedding ceremony

__ Arrange rental for reception items

__ Select and order wedding rings

3 Months Before Your Wedding

__ Plan to have mothers select attire

__ Choose and order wedding invitations

__ Finalize reception arrangements

__ Finalize ceremony arrangements

__ Make honeymoon reservations

__ Order wedding cake

__ Confirm date and time with all vendors including:      
       photographer, florist, caterer, transportation,
       officiant, reception/wedding site and musicians

__ Schedule bridesmaids' dress fittings

__ Confirm delivery of wedding dress and schedule
      wedding dress fittings

2 Months Before Wedding

__ Mail invitations

__ Get dates for bridal shower and
      bachelor/bachelorette parties

1 Month Before Wedding

__ Block hotel rooms for out of town guests

__ Sit for bridal portrait

__ Purchase gifts for bridal party

__ Record gifts and begin sending thank you notes

__ Schedule beauty salon appointments

__ Get marriage license

__ Buy gift for fiancé (if you will be exchanging gifts)

1-2 Weeks Before Wedding

__ Send wedding announcement to newspaper

__ Reconfirm all times and dates with vendors

__ Start completing documents for change of name

__ Prepare wedding announcements to be mailed

__ Confirm guest reservations at hotels

__ Attend final gown fitting

__ Pick up groom and groomsman rental attire

__ Do makeup and hair run-through

Day of Wedding

__ Eat breakfast

__ Attend makeup and hair appointments

__ Have someone greet and direct vendors at
      ceremony and reception site

__ Sign wedding certificate

__ Relax and have fun!