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Beach Weddings In Florida

Learn about beach side weddings in Florida and the best spots for beach weddings

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If you want a beach wedding in the United States, Florida is a wonderful location to choose.  Beach weddings in Florida are easy to arrange and give you the benefit of marrying in the U.S. while still enjoying the atmosphere of a warm weather locale.   

There are also several major airports in Florida, so it will be easy for your guests to travel to whatever destination you choose.

Florida beach weddings are special because they take on a certain relaxed elegance associated with the beach. 

From white sand and turquoise waters on the Gulf of Mexico to crashing waves and wild dunes by the Atlantic Ocean, you can find the perfect beach in Florida for your wedding.   


How Are Beach Weddings IN Florida Different?

Well, for starters Florida has a lot of varied coastline to choose from.  1,800 miles to be exact, and that means you have a variety of different areas and local cultures that can be a part of your Florida beach wedding.  You can give your wedding an upscale city theme on Miami Beach, a natural coast theme in Captiva, a tropical theme in Sarasota or a country club casual feel in Seaside – the possibilities are endless.

Also, unlike other destination wedding locations (like Hawaii) Florida is easy to get to.  It is within driving distance from several southern states and there are plenty of flights going in and out of the Sunshine State every day.

beach side wedding in florida, florida beach wedding, beach wedding in floridaWhat should I know about planning a beach wedding in Florida?

Now that you’re set on having a beach wedding in Florida, you should be aware of a few things before you start planning.  It’s good to know important points like local beach regulations and hurricane seasons from the very beginning. 


Local Rules and Regulations

Unlike some states, Florida’s beaches are all available to the public – meaning that no one person can own the beach.  That doesn’t mean that there’s public parking or public access everywhere (many hotels own private access points for their guests.)  But it does make it easier to get married on the particular stretch of sand that you choose. 

Each county or city determines what can and cannot be done on the beach, so there are certain regulations pertaining that are enforced (usually things like no alcohol or no dogs allowed.) 

Things like setting up chairs for your wedding ceremony, parking near the site, putting up an arch or setting off fireworks may or may not be allowed.  You’ll need to check with the local parks department to clear your plans before you settle on a Florida beach wedding site.

Seasonal Considerations

Some other things to think about for your beach side wedding in Florida are seasonal changes in weather and in crowds.  Florida does get hurricanes and most areas also have a specific rainy season.  The hurricane season is typically from July through October and the rainy season is usually from May through June.  Check the averages for the specific area that you’re planning on. 

Florida also is a big hub for tourism and has many seasonal residents.  The tourist season varies in different parts of the state.  For example, the south is typically busier in the fall and winter months because seasonal residents escape the cold northern states and come to Florida for the season.  Northern cities like Daytona Beach or Destin are typically more crowded in the summer months when families take advantage of school break.  Take these busy times into consideration when you plan your beach wedding in Florida – if you’re planning it for a busy time of year, make reservations far in advance. 

Best Places for Beach Weddings In Florida

From posh South Beach to the laid back Florida Keys, there are lots of different places to choose from for a beach wedding in Florida.  Each place is different and you should select a location that fits well with your wedding theme and has all of the amenities that you will need.  Below are our top location picks for beach weddings in Florida.

Siesta Key Beach, Sarasotaflorida beach wedding, beach wedding in florida, beach side wedding in florida

Lighthouse Beach, Sanibel Island

Bahia Honda Beach, Florida Keys

Clearwater Beach, Clearwater

Coquina Beach, Anna Maria Island

Pensacola Beach, Pensacola

Seaside Beach, Seaside

Navarre Beach, Destin