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Fall wedding ideas

Get tips on themes for fall weddings and the best fall wedding colors

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fall wedding ideas, fall wedding colors, fall wedding decorFall is a beautiful time of year and one that is particularly meaningful for weddings.  Leaves are displaying warm golden colors and fruit is ripe for harvest; fall is a season of abundance. 

 If you’re having a fall wedding, there are plenty of ways to bring the season into your nuptials. 

Use the season to guide the décor and color choices for your fall wedding – think harvest, foliage and flowers, warmth and bold hues.  

There are lots of creative wedding themes that fit perfectly with fall weddings.  We put together ideas and inspiration for weddings that really capture the essence of autumn.  Read on for the latest fall wedding ideas and tips for giving your wedding some elegant seasonal touches.


fall weddings, fall wedding ideas, fall wedding colorsAutumn Vineyard Wedding

This fall wedding idea takes inspiration straight from the vines.  Use vineyard touches and incorporate them into the centerpieces, flowers, cake and ceremony décor. 

Add a swirly design (similar to a curly vine) on your invitations, programs and other stationary.  Tie deep purple or chocolate ribbons around chairs and hang wreaths made of intertwined vines.  Bunches of grapes (in green, red and purple) are mixed with maroon or purple roses for centerpieces. 

You can also use wine to continue the theme throughout by using different names of wines in lieu of table numbers and mini bottles of wine for wedding favors.  Colors that you can use for this wedding theme are maroon red, aubergine, deep purple, a range of greens (from forest to sage) and chocolate brown. 


autumn wedding decor, fall wedding decoration, fall wedding decorFall Foliage Wedding

For this fall wedding idea, the theme comes from the most obvious change of the season - the vibrant foliage.  Wedding colors are bright red, orange and gold hues, used in combination. 

Stationary features real leaf imprints or printed leaves falling, and you can use dark orange ink for the invitation text. 

Centerpieces are a mixture of flowers (like roses, zinnias, gloriosa lilies, or gerbera daisies), berries (like viburnum berries) and leaves.  Décor can include wreaths made of dried maple, oak and birch leaves. 

You can continue the fall wedding theme by using names of trees for reception tables and leaf shaped chocolates for favors.  

Autumn Woodlands Wedding

Ideas for this fall wedding come from the forest.  Wedding colors are natural, with shades of brown, ivory, and green.  Stationary should incorporate green ferns or brown wood accents.  Reception centerpieces can include branches, ivory roses, ferns, moss and brownish red flowers (like chocolate cosmos.)  You can also add mushrooms to the décor by adding marzipan mushrooms on the wedding cake or placing artificial mushrooms into the centerpieces.  Décor can include potted ferns, chocolate ribbons tied around chairs, candles and tree branches.

For a more playful take on this theme you could also incorporate chocolate and ivory polka dots into the wedding stationary and décor.  

Fall Orchard Wedding

For this fall wedding, ideas are created from the fruit of the harvest.  Any fruit that is harvested during fall can be a part of this theme, but we especially like the color and look of pears and apples.  Colors for this fall wedding are dark rose pink, red, shades of green and chocolate brown. 

Centerpieces are made up of pears, apples, dark pink roses and deep red berries (like red hypericum.)  Décor is rose colored ribbons tied around chairs and wooden buckets filled with apples.  Give wedding guests ribbon tied pears for favors and name tables for different types of apples.


fall wedding ideas, autumn wedding ideas, fall wedding colorsAutumn Harvest Wedding

The inspiration for this fall wedding idea is from the harvest of the fields.  Wheat, gourds and pumpkins all play a role in this theme.  The wedding colors are gold, sage green, chocolate brown, orange and yellow.  Wedding invitations and other stationary can include wheat prints or harvest colors. 

Centerpieces are bouquets of orange or yellow flowers (like zinnias, sunflowers or roses) mixed with sprigs of wheat in hollowed out pumpkins as vases.  Décor includes bunches of wheat tied with ribbon and natural wax colored candles.  Wrapped pumpkin spice cookies make good favors and you can use names of types of wheat for tables in lieu of numbers.