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Fall Wedding Flowers

Get ideas for fall bridal bouquets and fall wedding centerpieces

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fall bridal bouquet, fall wedding flowers, fall wedding bouquetsWhen you have a fall wedding, you should let the season influence your flower choices for wedding centerpieces and bridal bouquets.  Fall touches like vibrantly colored leaves, berries, fruit and other elements give wedding flowers a seasonal feel.

The colors of fall are richer and warmer than the colors for any other season.  Dark pink, red, golden yellow, chocolate, peach, orange and green come together in fall bridal bouquets and flower arrangements of many different kinds. 

You can use fall flower colors and textures to add beauty to fall bridal bouquets, centerpieces or other wedding flower decorations.   

Letting the season inspire you can be fun and can add a unique quality to your overall wedding decorations.  For ways to make your flowers unique and fitting for the season, read on and discover ideas for fall bridal bouquets and wedding centerpieces. 


fall bridal bouquet, fall wedding flowers, fall wedding bouquetTypes of Flowers for Fall Bridal Bouquets

When you think of flowers for a fall bouquet, a group of colors instantly springs to mind - red, orange, peach, brown, purple, yellow and dark pink.  There are several different types of flowers that come in the colors of fall.  Roses are particularly versatile because they come in shades of red, orange, yellow, aubergine, peach and dark pink. 

Other flowers that come in orange, golden yellow, brown, red or dark pink include the ranunculus, calla lily, tulip, daffodil, rose, gerbera daisy, zinnia, marigold, chocolate cosmo, gloriosa lily, sunflower and dahlia.  You can mix a combination of these flowers in different fall colors or use a monochromatic theme with a few different flower varieties. 

Fall Bridal Bouquet Extrasfall wedding bouquets, fall bridal flowers, fall bridal bouquets

Even if you don’t choose a vibrant color for your bridal bouquet, you can still bring in seasonal flair with berries, fern greenery or ribbon.  Tying your bouquet with an orange, maroon, or chocolate brown ribbon subtly brings in colors of fall.

Berries are a great way to add texture and dimension to fall wedding bouquets.  Hypericum berries and viburnum berries are both great choices.

Fern leaves add greenery to fall bouquets and provide contrast for deep colors like red or dark rose.  Ferns can also add a woodland feel to the ivory and white flowers that are used often in traditional bridal bouquets.  You can also use fall foliage to add texture to flowers.  Leaves of oak, maple or birch make nice additions to fall bridal bouquets.  


fall wedding centerpiece, fall flower centerpiece, fall wedding flowersFall Wedding Centerpieces

You can also incorporate a fall theme into your wedding flower centerpieces.  There are several ways to do this with fall flowers and other seasonal items. 

One idea is to use hollowed out pumpkins or gourds as vases for centerpiece flowers.  Pumpkins look lovely filled with contrasting hued flowers like apricot roses and yellow tulips.  Don’t limit yourself to only orange pumpkins either; they come in and array of shades from dark green to white.  You can also add miniature pumpkins and votive candles around these centerpieces to continue the fall theme. 

Candles are a good addition for fall wedding centerpieces because they exude the warm feeling of the season.  You can use candles in ivory, orange, yellow or chocolate to get the look you want.

Another idea for fall wedding centerpieces is to use fall foliage as a focal point.  You can use foliage in wreaths around larger candles or just as an addition to flowers in a vase.  Fall leaves can also be scattered around the centerpiece for a playful touch. 


Other Fall Wedding Flower Decorations

You can also use flowers to add a fall feel to your overall wedding décor.  For an earthy element, consider using a bunch of wheat tied with a colored ribbon to hang on pews or over doorways.  You can also use potted ferns and topiaries of moss to bring some greenery in. 

Pumpkins and gourds can be placed in doorways and around the reception hall.  Wreaths made of bright fall leaves can be used as décor for the ceremony and reception site.