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You Can Have a Cheap Destination Wedding That Is Still Beautiful and Romantic

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destination wedding tips, cheap destination weddings, destination wedding ideasClose to ten percent of weddings today are destination weddings.  Brides and grooms everywhere want to get away from it all and take their wedding on the road. 

Destination weddings are also growing in popularity because they are inexpensive for the wedding couple while still being special. 

Cheap destination weddings can be had at a variety of exotic locales and couples want to take advantage of the opportunity.

So, what makes destination weddings so popular?  Why should you consider making your wedding a destination wedding?  How do you make sure you have a cheap destination wedding?  Read the tips below and find out.

Destination weddings can be cheap and often cost less

Because only your closest friends and family will travel to a destination wedding (those that love you will travel for you),  your total guest list will be smaller.  No need to pay for 200 guests at your wedding reception, such as a business associate, co-worker,  casual acquaintance, or a second cousin you didn't really want to invite to your wedding anyway. 

Plus, your destination wedding doubles as your honeymoon, so you will not have additional honeymoon costs.

Who pays for what at destination weddings?

The rule of thumb is that the wedding couple pays for hotel accommodation at the resort, plus food and drinks for all guests.  The wedding guests pay for airfare and any other additional expenses.

How many days should the destination wedding event be?

Typically the destination wedding will be a long weekend - three to four days for the guests.  The wedding couple usually combines their destination wedding with their honeymoon, and continues to stay at the resort and enjoy the rest of the week once their guests have gone.

Choose a destination wedding in lieu of receiving wedding gifts Destination weddings, planning a destination wedding

As many people wait longer before getting married, and often have either lived on their own or with their fiancè before getting married, they have already accumulated the necessities of setting up their house.  More china, candlesticks, flatware, and kitchen appliances are simply not needed (where would you store it all?). 

Instead of buying you wedding gifts or going on an Alaska fishing trip, your guest can in turn use the same money to buy airfare to your destination wedding location - that way they get a neat trip and give you a "gift" by attending your wedding.  This allows your guests to be able to afford to go to your wedding, so you do not need to be concerned about putting extra costs upon your friends and family.

Destination weddings are ideal if you have guests coming from all over the country

These guests would ordinarily have to fly to your local wedding location, plus pay for a hotel and rental car, and buy you a wedding gift.  They can use the same money to fly to your exotic wedding destination.  It may even cost them less to go to your destination wedding, plus they get a vacation on top of it all, so convincing them to go should meet with little resistance.

Destination weddings are low-stress for the bride and groom

Most destination wedding resorts offer the complete package - they include your marriage license, wedding ceremony, flowers, cake, wedding reception, food, bar, and expert wedding planning help, all in one package price.  You have very little to do other than to show up and get married!  Instead of worrying about the little details, these wedding professionals will take care of all the planning (and worry) for you.

Wedding legal requirements vary by country 

You'll need to learn about the marriage requirements for the destination wedding location you want to get married in. 
Different states and countries have different rules.  For example, in some areas you may be able to bring your own wedding officiate, while in other locales you must be married by someone who is certified to perform marriages in that specific area.

Send out your destination wedding save the date cards as soon as possible

Since your guests will need to buy airfare (which is usually cheaper the further out you book it), and will be using your destination wedding as a vacation ( for which they will need to get vacation time approved at their workplace), the sooner you alert them, the better.

Destination weddings continue to grow in popularity due to the ease and lower cost associated with them, plus the special romantic appeal of being married in an exotic location.  All brides and grooms should give serious thought to having a destination wedding.