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Destination Wedding Packages Italy

Find out what you need to know about destination wedding packages in Italy

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destination wedding italy, destination wedding location italy, wedding in italyWhat could be more romantic than an Italian destination wedding and honeymoon?  Italy is one destination that is synonymous with history, romance and living the good life. 

A destination wedding in Italy would not only be special, but would also be the experience of a lifetime.  So itís no wonder why many brides and grooms are looking for destination wedding packages in Italy

But when you choose Italy for your destination wedding location, where do you even begin to plan your wedding?  You need to know about local marriage laws and how to find wedding vendors, not to mention the fact that you need to find a location in Italy for your destination wedding. 

The task is daunting at the least, but donít worry.  With the right information, you can easily plan your destination wedding in Italy and enjoy some of la dolce vita yourself.

Read on and weíll go over some key things you need to know about getting a destination wedding packages Italy.  From the best time of year to get married to some of the top wedding locations in Italy, we go over it all below.

tips On Having Italy as your destination wedding location

The biggest tip for using Italy or any other foreign country as the location for your destination wedding is to have a wedding planner or contact in the area to help you with arranging your destination wedding details.  Many younger Italians do speak English, but not everyone does.  When you have someone working on your side, there is no language barrier.

Often the ceremony location or your hotel can help you with finding a wedding planner.  Your planner will be key in arranging your wedding vendors and filing the proper paperwork.  This person can also act as a translator on your wedding day because the Italian government requires that marriage ceremonies be conducted in Italian. 

Italy Destination Wedding Packages

wedding in italy, destination wedding italy, destination wedding location italyOne of the easiest ways to arrange your wedding in Italy is to purchase a destination wedding package that covers the rental of your ceremony venue, your accommodations, decorations, photography, flowers and officiate. 

The big benefit of doing a destination wedding package in Italy is that youíll have the advantage of an Italian wedding planner to oversee all of the arrangements and help you on the big day.

There are several companies that offer destination wedding packages.  Do your research online and then call the agency or meet with someone in person who can guide you through the process.

Where Should I Have My Destination Wedding in Italy?

Italy is a large country divided into regions and each region has its own character.  There are three main areas that best capture the romance of Italy and are the most scenic locations for a destination wedding. 

The three areas for destination weddings in Italy are Tuscany which is located from the west coast to the center of the country north of Rome, Liguria on the north-western coast closest to France and then the Amalfi coast which is on the west coast south of Rome. 

Though there are lots of big city locations in Italy for destination weddings (Rome, Florence and Venice to name a few), you will get the most authentic and least expensive experience when you use a smaller town in Italy for your wedding.  Smaller towns are quainter and are typically more affordable when it comes to the rental of wedding venues, accommodation and the reception.  The one caveat is that people in smaller towns are less likely to speak English, so if you donít speak much Italian, be sure to hire someone to help you make arrangements.

In the Tuscany region of Italy, the destination wedding locations we recommend are: Orvieto, Montalcino, Lucca, Pienza, Gubbio, Montepulciano and Cortona.  For Liguria, we recommend choosing a destination wedding location in the Cinque Terre area.  The towns within that are are: Vernazza, Monterosso, Corniglia, Manarola, Riomaggiore, Positano and Santa Margherita Ligure.  And along the Amalfi coast, the towns we recommend for destination weddings in Italy are: Sorrento, Amalfi, Positano and Capri.

When to Have a Destination Wedding in Italy

Unless you want a winter wedding in Italy, itís best to go during the warmer months.  Late March through June and then September through early October are the best times to plan your destination wedding in Italy. 

In spring and fall the weather will be in the low 60ís and youíll avoid the heat and crowds that come for the summer.  Keep in mind that the scenery will change with the seasons Ė for example there are lots of flowers in bloom during the spring, while fall is the harvest season.