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What to include on the invitation inserts for your destination wedding

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Now that you’ve decided on having a destination wedding and you’ve arranged most of the details, you need to start sending out invitations.  But the thing about a destination wedding is that it’s a complex event and so the invitation calls for a little more than your average invite. 

As soon as guests hear that it will be a destination wedding, they are going to have questions.  So, to make it easier on you and your guests, you should be prepared by including an insert in the wedding invitation with all of the pertinent information. 

Why do you need destination wedding invitation inserts?

The main reason for having invitation inserts are to make it easy on your wedding guests. 

Another reason for doing destination wedding invitation inserts is to make sure that guests can come.  In some cases, when you give guests information, they will be more likely to attend your wedding.  Planning a trip can be difficult and guests may look at it as a chore, but if you do the homework and give guests everything they need, they’re more apt to go ahead and make plans.       destination wedding map insert

What should be included?

Now you need to think about what should be included in the insert.  What information will your guests need to make a decision to attend the wedding?  If they decide to go, what will they need to plan their trip?  It will vary from case to case, but there are some basic elements that should be a part of every destination wedding invitation insert.  Read on to find what the insert should include. 

Information on getting a passport

If your destination wedding is taking place anywhere outside of the United States, you and all of your guests are going to need passports.  This includes locations like Mexico, the Bahamas and the Caribbean as the passport laws have recently changed.  This not only means that you need to send out your invitations in plenty of time for guests to obtain passports, but you also need to place some passport information in the destination wedding invitation insert. 

You can get passport information online or from your local post office.  Make copies and put it all into the destination wedding invitation insert.

Trip Details

The information included in this portion of the invitation insert is the nitty gritty of your destination wedding.  This includes all of the facts like the location of the wedding, the hotel you’ve chosen for your guests, information on room rates and airlines that have service to the destination.  A lot of this can be found online or through a travel agency (like AAA.)

It’s also a good idea to add a map to the invitation insert if the destination is somewhat obscure.  Keep in mind that while Curacao may be your dream wedding location, many of your guests may not know exactly where Curacao is.  A map will help them with the area.

Though it’s not particularly nice to talk about, you’ll also need to find some way of letting guests know about the costs.  The best way to do this is not to tell guests what they’re responsible for, but rather let them know what costs you are covering so they’ll know that the rest is up to them.  A simple statement like “the wedding couple will be taking care of a 3 day hotel stay for guests” will let your guests know that airfare, meals and any additional hotel time will be their responsibility. 

Destination Information

This is the fun part of the destination wedding invitation insert.  It includes all of the exciting things about the destination.  You’ll want to give guests an overview of the location and the hotel you’ve arranged.  You can include a tourist brochure with the location’s highlights or a list of activities available.  You should add a brochure and contact card for the hotel in this information.  If there are any planned group events, you can put them into this part of the insert. 

You can get a hotel brochure and contact card from the hotel and you can obtain tourist information from the visitor’s bureau for the destination.