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Designing My Own Wedding Ring

Learn how to build your own wedding ring and get the ring you really want

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Most brides and grooms want wedding rings that are beautiful and unique. 

So itís no surprise that these days a new emerging trend is designing your own wedding ring

Building your own wedding ring is appealing for many reasons. 

Designing your own wedding ring pretty much ensures that your ring will be one of a kind.  It also guarantees that you will be happy with your wedding ring design because it will be exactly what you want.  

Lots of brides and grooms may want to design their own wedding rings but may not know how to do it or where to find a custom jeweler.  Read on for tips and advice on building your own wedding ring.

How Do I Start Designing My Own Wedding Ring?

The first step is to find an online jeweler with an application where you can design your own ring.  Stores like Blue Nile or offer wedding ring building applications.  When you use these online tools, you can create exactly the type of ring you want from your home.  Then when you purchase the ring online or go into a jewelry store, youíll already have an idea of what you want. 

Most online wedding ring designing tools are focused on diamond wedding rings.  If your dream wedding ring doesnít include diamonds, the first step in designing your own wedding ring is to visit a jewelry store in your area that does custom jewelry work. 

The next thing you must do is to determine what your ideal wedding ring design looks like.  Browse jewelry designs online or sketch one of your own.  When you know what you want, visit a jeweler and then with your jeweler you can come up with a final wedding ring design.  

Where can I build my own wedding ring?

build my own wedding ring, design my own wedding ring, custom wedding ringYou can design your own wedding ring with some online jewelers and also with a jewelry store that does custom design. 

Call the jeweler in advance and be sure that custom wedding ring design is available.

Tips to Create Your Own Wedding Ring

Know what you want

Get an idea of the type of wedding ring design that you want before you go into a jewelry store.  Designing your own wedding ring with your jeweler will be much easier if you are clear about what you like and donít like. 

Shop around for the best price

Though custom wedding ring design can be expensive, it doesnít mean that you shouldnít compare prices.  Get the final price on building your own wedding ring from at least two different jewelers. 

Schedule it right

Since designing your own wedding ring will mean that your ring will take longer to get to you, you need to make sure that you begin creating your ring with plenty of time to spare before your wedding date. 

What do I need to know about designing my own wedding ring?

Itís more expensive

Building your own wedding ring from a custom design will always be more expensive than just choosing a generic wedding ring design from a catalog or store display.  The reason is mainly due to manpower.  Your custom jeweler will have to work to create your wedding ring from scratch and that takes time.  Also the price could be higher if you want specialty stones, metalworking or custom materials included in your wedding ring.

It takes more time

Since most rings that you see online or in jewelry stores are mass produced, it only takes a few weeks or months for your jeweler to order a ring in your size.  For designing your own wedding ring the timetable is a little longer, mainly due to the fact that your ring will be created from scratch by your jeweler.

You may have to search for a jeweler

Not all jewelry stores are equipped to do custom wedding ring design.  Many jewelry stores are chain or franchise operations and donít actually have a highly skilled jeweler on staff.  Your best bet when designing your own wedding ring is to look for jewelers in your area who do offer custom wedding ring design.  If you have trouble finding a jeweler, look for smaller family owned stores.  These stores usually do custom design.