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Having a video of your wedding will be one of the best things you can do to capture the event and help you remember all the details of your wedding well into the future. 

Although some wedding couples count on family and friends to record their wedding day using a camcorder, a professional wedding videographer may be a better way to go.  While a do it yourself approach works for some, professionals will shoot video that includes titles, editing, correct lighting, and many other components that create the perfect wedding video.
Read on for tips on choosing a cheap wedding videographer.



What to Look For When Choosing a Cheap Wedding Videographer

The cost of hiring a wedding videographer depends on a few factors.  The more time spent by the videographer recording the wedding and reception, the more it will cost.  You should try to have two cameras so that your can have different angles recorded.

wedding videographer tipsUsing two cameras will give you several different points of view.  For instance, two cameras at your wedding could focus on both the bride and grooms' faces during the ceremony. 

When putting together the finished product, the wedding videographer will splice the angles together, giving you close-ups, guest reactions, and other special moments that will likely be missed with just one video camera.

Don't overlook editing.  Just as wedding videos vary, so do wedding videography professionals.  Editing skills and capabilities are what set one apart from another.   To ensure you receive the wedding video you looking for, it is important that you avoid cutting corners and costs on the editing process so that you will have a wedding video that looks professional.

You'll want to hire a cheap wedding videographer who is experienced in filming weddings.  Ask for samples of previous work to see if it is what you are looking for.  Be prepared to meet with more than one until you find the one that meets your desires and needs.  Expect to pay anywhere from $1000 - $2500 depending on the number of cameras at the wedding and reception and the video package you choose.