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Find out how to get cheap invitations for a fraction of the regular retail price

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When you start shopping for wedding invitations, you may start to realize that itís not that easy to find cheap ones.  You may be baffled at the fact that a few hundred pieces of paper for your wedding can cost you over $800.  Believe it or not, there are such things as discount wedding invitations and if you know a couple of tricks, you can get beautiful invitations without spending a large part of your wedding budget.

The Best Ways to Get Cheap Wedding Invitations

From diy options to investigating lesser known invitation sources, below are the absolute best ways for you to find wedding invitations at a discount.

wedding invitations discountMake Them Yourself

If you want to save a lot of money, making your wedding invitations is a great way to do it.  While you may panic when you think of creating something on your own, it really is quite easy.  All you need is a basic understanding of a word processing program, a printer and blank invitation cards. 

Because youíll be doing all of the printing yourself, the only thing you really need to buy is the stationary.  You can purchase cheap wedding invitation stationary online from a number of sources.  

Discover Invitation Discounters

Once you decide what kind of invitations you want and you know the designer and the style number, you can order over the telephone from a discount wedding invitation service.  One of the better known discounters is 

Check out Churches

Have you ever been to a church that gave out a program before the service?  To make programs for each service, the church needs access to some sort of printing operation.  If you are getting married in a church, thereís a good chance that you can use the same printing operation for wedding invitations.  When you discuss your wedding with your contact at the church, inquire about getting wedding invitations at a discount.  Lots of churches and synagogues have invitations available.

Browse the Catalogs

Wedding invitations are available through mail order catalogs and are sometimes offered at a large discount.  Lots of large stationary companies sell wholesale to retail stores and also operate a catalog business. 

Because the retail markup is bypassed, these catalogs often have cheap wedding invitations for up to 40% less than retail prices. 

We like the Invitations by Dawn and the American Wedding Album catalogs.  Be sure to check the quality of the invitation you choose by looking for the weight of the paper.  A thicker paper weight will give you a nicer more substantial invitation.

Use an Online Printer

A business without a brick and mortar store location doesnít have the same overhead that a stationery store has, so they have room to give you a better price.  Also, there are many small stationary companies (sometimes operated out of homes) with websites that offer discount invitations.  Be sure to ask for references and check the company out before making an order.

Discount Wedding Invitation Tip - Don't Get Stuck With Costly Extras

One of the sources of revenue for wedding invitation companies is the collection of little extras that brides buy when they make their order.  Things like personalized napkins, wine glasses, programs, cake toppers and candles are available to add on to your order.  You may have received such a good price on your invitations that you believe these items are a good deal too, but donít order just yet.  More often than not, these accessories are priced much higher than they would be if you bought them from a party store or an online retailer.  Donít get stuck buying extra items from an invitation catalog for higher prices.  If you want to buy personalized matchbooks or a bridal garter, shop around and find the best price.