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Wedding Accessories - How To Choose a Wedding Cake Serving Set

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Traditionally used during the cutting of the wedding cake at your wedding reception, the wedding cake serving set consists of a cake server and cake knife.

Your wedding cake serving set can be simple or ornate depending on whether you choose a set with pewter or silver plating and fancy decorative accents. Usually, the wedding cake server and cake knife are created from stainless steel and then plated with another metal, such as silver, for an additional visual effect.

wedding cake serving sets, wedding cake knifeBecause these items have a practical use ( i.e. cutting your cake,) the majority of decoration is limited to the handles of the knife and server.

Almost any design can be found on the handles of a cake knife and cake server and they are found in a variety of materials like silver, crystal, glass, plastic and pewter.

Depending on the materials you choose and the design you choose, cheap wedding cake serving sets typically fall within the $30 to $60 price range. If you don't like the idea of spending $50 on something you may not use again, you should consider matching your wedding cake serving set to your wedding china and flatware.

You can even register for your wedding cake serving set if you like. By choosing a cake serving set that matches your china and flatware, you'll be able to use it throughout the years following.

You should also try to match your wedding cake serving set to the theme of your wedding. These days, it's easy to find different types of wedding cake serving sets to go with your theme. Along the lines of more popular wedding themes, you can find a serving sets that compliment contemporary, antique, baroque or beach themes.

To find one that will match your wedding's design, look for a handle design that elegantly reflects one element of your wedding's design such as a color, a pattern, or an icon that relates to the theme of your wedding. If your wedding or reception is taking place on a beach or bayside for example, you could use one that features shells on the handles.

If you are looking for a cake serving set that is a little more classic and elegant, then you should purchase a silver cake knife and cake server. Silver serving sets generally cost more than sets made from other materials, but their elegance, beauty, and heirloom quality make them well worth the added cost. An added benefit of silver ones is that they can be engraved with initials, names, phrases or the date of your wedding. Because an engraved cake serving set is such a great keepsake, it makes an excellent wedding shower gift.

So, what can you do with your wedding cake serving set after the wedding is over? If you were able to match your cake knife and server with your wedding china, then you can store it as another piece of their silver and china set. But, if you've selected a novelty one that was meant for use at your wedding only, you can place it in a memory box with your other wedding keepsakes and bring it out to cut the cake for every anniversary you celebrate.