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Cheap Vegas Weddings

Can You Really Have a Cheap Las Vegas Wedding?

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cheap las vegas weddings, cheap vegas wedding, wedding vegas cheapOne of the main reasons for getting married in Las Vegas is that you can have a cheap Vegas wedding for only a few hundred dollars. 

Since most weddings cost over fifty times more than that, planning your wedding in Vegas can save you a lot of money when compared to having a traditional wedding in your hometown.  And Vegas weddings have a certain allure to them - an element of fun that other weddings just don't have. 

Why is it that Vegas weddings are so inexpensive? There are a few reasons.



Las Vegas Weddings are Cheap Because...

There are Fewer Guests

As with any destination wedding, only a certain number of your friends and family will be able to make the trip to Las Vegas.  When your guest list dwindles, so do the costs of your ceremony and reception. 

Chapels, and casino hotels often have more intimate settings that can rented at a cheaper price and allow for fewer guests.  If you are set on inviting lots of people to your wedding, consider having an intimate gathering in Vegas and then have a larger post-wedding party when you return home. 

cheap las vegas weddingsThey are Less Elaborate

For a wedding with no frills, you can get married in Las Vegas cheap,  for about $150.  Unless you're going down to the courthouse, there aren't a lot of other places where you can married so cheaply.  A basic wedding package at around the $100 mark is very bare bones. 

But even if you do opt to have the deluxe package, your wedding probably won't be as complex as a wedding planned at home.  Small things (like wedding favors for example) won't be included in your wedding package.  Will you miss all of those details?  Probably not.  Vegas weddings do cover all of the bases like flowers and music.

They are Packaged

Because nearly every aspect of your wedding will be handled through the chapel or casino hotel you choose, the price will be lower.  Though Vegas weddings start at around $150, the prices go up from there as packages grow to include photography, champagne, limo service, a wedding cake and flowers.  But Las Vegas wedding prices are still very reasonable when you can get all of those things for around $1000.  True, you might end up paying for some items that you don't need as part of the package, but even so, you'll still be getting an excellent deal.

One caveat of these inexpensive packages is that they often require that you exclusively use on-site photography and florist services.  So, you will want to check on the quality of the photographer and florist provided through the ceremony site.

cheap vegas weddings



There's a lot of competition

Believe it or not, but weddings are the second highest income producer for Vegas.  Number one is gambling of course.  With all of that competition comes fairer prices.  Lots of wedding chapels will even match package prices of other locations to get your business. 

Tips for Having a Cheap Las Vegas Wedding

Book During Off-Season Times

Like many other vacation spots, Las Vegas experiences some seasonality.  Through the year, there are highs and lows in the amount of people visiting and getting married in the city.  Take advantage of the lull and plan your wedding during a slower time of year.  Lots of Vegas wedding venues offer cheap packages for off-season nuptials.  Your guests won't have trouble reserving a hotel room and it will be easier for them to get into shows and restaurants during their stay.  Busier dates to avoid include most holidays, especially Valentine's Day and New Year's Eve. 

Get Married on a Weekday

Because lots of people work 9-5 Monday to Friday, most couples get married during the weekend.  To have a cheaper wedding in Vegas, do it during the week.  Casino hotels and chapels offer inexpensive packages for couples who get married Monday through Thursday.  If your family and friends are somewhat flexible, consider saying your vows during the week. 

Shop Around

There are so many casinos, hotels and chapels offering wedding packages in Las Vegas that it has become a very competitive business.  Use the competition to your advantage and compare prices before you make a decision.  Don't be afraid to talk with the vendors about the other packages you're considering.  More often than not, they will throw in some extras or lower the price in order to get your business.

Go Cheap on the Wedding Ceremony

Another way to cut costs is to do the most inexpensive wedding package for your ceremony (only spending about $200) and then spend the rest of your budget on the reception.  Yes, the wedding ceremony is important, but most people make the most memories and have the most fun during the wedding reception.  Spending the excess of your wedding fund on the reception will allow you to do it in an upscale environment.  Even if you have a very modest budget, when you spend only a few hundred dollars on the ceremony, you'll have plenty of money left for a great reception with wonderful food. 

Use Group Rates For Your Las Vegas Wedding

When you have your wedding ceremony in a hotel, ask about special hotel rates for you and your guests.  Often your hotel stay will be part of the wedding package or deeply discounted and your guests' rooms will have lower rates.  Since the hotel stay can add up as part of a destination wedding, using a special rate can save you a lot of money.