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cheap Silk Wedding Flowers

Learn the advantages and disadvantages of using silk flowers for weddings

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With the prices of weddings going higher and higher, budget conscious brides are always looking for ways to save.  One of the more popular ways to do this is to opt for silk wedding flowers over fresh flowers.  But are cheap silk wedding flowers really less expensive than fresh flowers? 

Well the answer is, it depends.  Budget silk wedding flowers can be cheaper in some instances and they are definitely hardier than fresh flowers.  But in other cases, it will make more sense for you to go with fresh wedding flowers.  

Below we go over the pros and cons of choosing silk wedding flowers for your bouquets, centerpieces and other wedding dťcor. 

Read on and decide if silk wedding flowers are really a better choice for you.

budget silk wedding flowers, silk wedding bouquet, silk wedding flowersAdvantages Of Silk Wedding Flowers

Silk wedding flowers can be cheaper than fresh flowers

In many cases, silk wedding flowers are cheaper than the real thing.  One reason is because you can usually put them together yourself, so you donít need to hire a florist.  Also, you can save money using silk flowers if the fresh flowers you like are exotic and hard to find.  Budget silk wedding flowers are found easily online or at sales in arts and crafts stores.  Price out your options and see whether silk or fresh is cheaper for you.
Silk flowers will hold up in almost any weather conditions

One of the best reasons for choosing silk wedding flowers is because they are durable.  Unlike fresh flowers, silk flowers do not need water and will not wilt in hot or humid conditions so you have some flexibility concerning when the flowers need to be put together.  This means that silk wedding reception flowers donít need water in their vases and can be set up hours before the reception is set to start.  Also, a silk bridal bouquet can be made months before the wedding date.  Silk wedding flowers are also easy to arrange and simple to transport from place to place.  You also donít have to worry about a broken stem or crushed bloom when using silk wedding flowers.

They arenít seasonalsilk wedding flowers, budget silk wedding flowers, silk wedding bouquet

Suppose your wedding is set for the middle of winter but you had your heart set on a bouquet featuring hydrangeas.  If you use fresh flowers your bouquet will be very costly using an out of season flower.  Where if you use a silk bridal bouquet, you can have hydrangeas in it without any problem.  With silk flowers, every variety is available all year long so they eliminate the subject of seasonality. 

They make a lovely keepsake

The flowers from your silk bridal bouquet or silk centerpieces will never die or fade, so you can keep them forever as a reminder of your wedding day. 

Preservation for fresh flowers can be very expensive, with silk flowers you donít need to do a thing.  When you use silk wedding flowers you can count on your flowers looking just as they did on your wedding day for many years.

Silk flowers are good for allergies

Though itís not a problem for everyone, many brides or grooms are allergic to flowers.  To some brides, a fresh bouquet may mean a runny nose, itchy watery eyes, sneezing, coughing and even hives or a rash.  Nobody wants to feel that way on their wedding day.  For this reason, silk wedding flowers are an excellent choice for allergic brides or grooms.

Disadvantages of Silk Wedding Flowers

They are not always cheaper

While there are budget silk wedding flowers available, fresh flowers may actually be cheaper in some cases.  Often the more common types of flowers are less expensive than silk versions of the same variety.  These days there are many online shops that offer common varieties of fresh flowers at wholesale prices.  If you want a more common flower for your wedding (like roses or daisies) youíre probably better off using fresh flowers.  On the other hand, if youíre looking for a flower that is out of season, silk wedding flowers may be the way to go.  Do some comparison shopping and donít commit to anything before you have a price quote for both types of flowers.  

Silk flowers donít have the beauty of fresh flowers

Silk wedding flowers do look very realistic from a distance, but up close and personal you will always be able to tell that they arenít real.  If theyíre not of the highest quality, silk flowers can even look stiff, dry or dull.  At any rate, silk flowers will never look like fresh flowers.  Fresh blooms look soft and have a glow that only comes from the flowers being alive.  If you are concerned about appearances, stick to fresh flowers.   

They do not smell like fresh flowers

One of the nice things about having flowers at your wedding is enjoying the scent that comes with them.  A sweet floral scent (like the kind you get from roses, sweet peas or lilacs) adds a nice element to your wedding flowers.  Though silk flowers often have a scent applied to them, it cannot completely mimic the natural scent of fresh flowers.