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Cheap Platinum Engagement Rings

You Can Find a Cheap Platinum Engagement Ring - Here's How to Do It:

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Know the Market Price For Platinum Engagement Rings

The first thing to do is shop around in person or online at a few different jewelers and find prices on the rings that you like.  When you know what the general price of a platinum engagement ring should be, you can be wary of inflated prices or ďfakeĒ discounts.  Also, when you know what the market price is, youíll be able to spot a fair price and obtain a cheap platinum engagement ring.

Buying a Cheap Platinum Engagement Ring Set

You may just be thinking of buying an engagement ring now, but after your engagement period, youíll need a matching platinum wedding band to go with the engagement ring youíve chosen. 

To save money and to be sure that both rings will match, consider buying both rings at the same time.  Often jewelers will give you a better deal when you purchase both rings together.  Also, if youíre using financing, it makes sense to combine the costs into one bill.

Keep it Simple

Platinum is very pliable and can be shaped into various designs for engagement rings.  But, in order to save money and keep your ring cost at a discount, choose a ring without intricate designs in the metal work.  Fancier designs within the platinum will cost you more money than a simple and elegant setting.  Go for a streamlined ring and save your extra money for the diamond that goes into it.

Shop Duty Freediscount platinum engagement ring

If you are planning on traveling out of the country between your engagement and your wedding, you can get a great deal and find an inexpensive platinum engagement ring in a duty free area like St. Thomas USVI or St. Maarten in the Caribbean.  Purchasing a platinum engagement ring duty free can possibly cut 25% or more off of your total expenditure.  So, with the extra money youíll save, you can invest in a nicer ring.


Purchase Online

Buying a platinum engagement ring online from a reputable retailer like Blue Nile, World Jewelers, or can save you money.  Online jewelers typically have lower prices than brick and mortar jewelry stores.  Because you wonít see the merchandise in person before you buy it, be aware of the merchantís return policy.  As when purchasing any diamond, be sure to get a copy of the diamond certificate.  For guaranteed quality in platinum, look for the marks 950 Plat or Plat.


Why Buy A Platinum Engagement Ring?

There are several reasons for choosing a platinum engagement ring over a ring made from other metals (such as gold or an alloy.)   


One of the top reasons to buy a platinum ring is because platinum is pure.  Platinum is generally 95% pure as compared to 18 karat gold, which is 75% pure.  Why is purity important?  Well, one aspect is that a platinum ring wonít ever fade or tarnish.  The purity of platinum also makes it a good choice for those with skin allergies.   



Platinum is a very dense metal, 1.7 times as dense as 24 karat gold.  Over time, as platinum is polished and undergoes everyday wear, the metal will not wear away.  In contrast, every time other metals are scratched or polished, a small part of that metal disappears.  Platinumís density also makes it easy to work with for intricate and delicate settings.  Platinum is very pliable and can be used for complex jewelry designs.  This means that platinum can be formed into a variety of designs for your engagement ring.   



Another reason why people choose platinum is because of its unique bright white color.  The cool white sheen of platinum makes it an attractive metal for engagement ring settings because diamonds look gorgeous when set into it.  Platinum emphasizes the fiery brilliance, sparkle and shine of a beautiful diamond.  Blue Nile reports that platinum is their most popular metal used for settings.  At the same time however, platinum can showcase flaws in your diamond if it has a low Color grade.  If your diamond is lower on the Color scale, it may appear yellowish when shown on a platinum band.

Why is it Hard to Find CHEAP Platinum Engagement Rings?

Typically, white gold costs 45 percent less than platinum does.  One of the primary reasons why itís tough to find a discount engagement ring in platinum is because it is a very rare metal.  Platinum is around 30 times rarer than gold is.  In fact, it is estimated that if every bit of platinum on the earth were poured into a swimming pool the result would barely be ankle-deep.  Where as if you did the same with gold, the result would fill over three pools.


What You Should Know About Engagement Rings Made From Platinum

Be aware that, over time, platinum develops a natural patina.  Lots of people like the patina look and prefer it to a polished look.  But if you want to have your ring polished so it will shine, you can get it done at any reputable jeweler of course.

Platinum is durable but it is not completely resistant to wear.  While it is the strongest of jewelry metals, it can scratch.  When a scratch occurs in platinum, the metal is not lost, but obviously the appearance is affected. 

While platinum is one of the purest jewelry metals, it is still combined with other materials.  Most platinum engagement rings are 95 percent platinum.  That leaves 5 percent for iridium, palladium, ruthenium or other alloys. 

Platinum can be difficult to work on if your ring should need repair.  This means that repairs on settings are likely to be more expensive than repairs on gold settings.