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Learn About Planning a Cheap Destination Wedding in Mexico

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These days destination weddings are becoming more and more common.  Certain locations are better suited for destination weddings than others.  Some places are cheaper. Mexico is one of them.  cheap destination wedding mexico

White sand beaches, warm temperatures, history and all inclusive resorts are a few of the things that draw wanting-to-wed couples to Mexico. But the best thing of all is that you can pick beautiful spots to be married and find cheap Mexico destination weddings

But why should you choose Mexico for your destination wedding?  All the amenities, plus the savings you get  - it is one of the cheapest quality destinations to have your wedding.

Read on to find out more on cheap Mexico destination weddings.  We go over the best places for destination weddings in Mexico as well as advice on planning a wedding in Mexico.

Why Do Couples Choose Mexico For a Cheap Mexico Destination Wedding? 

Deciding to have a destination wedding in Mexico is a great choice.  Mexico has it all – interesting local culture, tropical beaches, history and of course great food and drinks; margaritas anyone?  Mariachi players, festive colors and colonial charm make Mexico destination weddings fun and romantic. 

Also, the breathtaking beaches and welcoming Mexican culture make Mexico a good spot for your guests to vacation and for you to enjoy your honeymoon after the wedding is over.  And, Mexico has some fantastic hotels and resorts that can easily accommodate destination weddings. Another reason why planning a destination wedding in Mexico is a good idea is because it is affordable.  With Mexico so close to many parts of the United States, most airplane tickets to Mexico aren’t very expensive.  In addition, prices on wedding essentials (like your wedding cake) are typically much cheaper south of the border, so your wedding budget will go further in Mexico.  

Places for Cheap Mexico Destination Weddings

There are lots of different wedding locations in Mexico to choose from.  cheap Mexico destination wedding

Whether you want a quieter coastal town, a glitzy resort destination or a colonial city for your destination wedding, you can find what you’re looking for in Mexico.

Cabo San Lucas

In Baja California, Cabo San Lucas is a resort city that’s popular with west coast vacationers.  For recreation you have swimming, snorkeling and world class golf.  Cabo is a great destination wedding location in Mexico because its so close to California.


On the Yucatan Peninsula, Cancun is characterized by white sand beaches, high end resorts and the sparkling waters of the Gulf of Mexico.  For an all inclusive destination wedding, Cancun is the place.  This vacation city has many resorts to choose from.  You can also immerse yourself in the indigenous culture of the Mayans in this area with many Mayan pyramid sites to visit.  cheap mexico destination wedding

Puerto Vallarta

Located in the southern part of Mexico on the west coast, Puerto Vallarta greets you with quaint Mexican colonial architecture and inviting beaches.  Destination weddings in this part of Mexico can incorporate aspects of “old Mexico” into the ceremony and reception. 


South along the cost from Puerto Vallarta is Acapulco.  Great shopping, sunny beaches and hot nightlife characterize this area of Mexico.  You can use Acapulco as the site for your destination wedding or use it as a base for other nearby areas in Mexico.

Playa Del Carmen

About 50 miles south of Cancun, Playa Del Carmen is a smaller resort area with the same beautiful beaches as Cancun but fewer tourists.  Playa Del Carmen has many lesser expensive all inclusive resorts where you can plan your Mexico destination wedding.

What You Should Know About Destination Weddings In Mexico

The best times of year for destination weddings in Mexico are from October through May.  Summer months tend to be hot and humid and also carry a higher thread of hurricanes and tropical storms. 

You will need to do some paperwork in Mexico for your marriage to be legal.  Allow at least 2 days for the paperwork to be completed.  Check with the Mexican consulate closest to your home for the necessary documents you’ll need to get married in Mexico.