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Cheap Honeymoon Cruises

Learn why a honeymoon cruise is a good idea and how to find honeymoon cruise deals

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These days, more and more couples are choosing to forgo dry land and take their honeymoon on the ocean aboard a honeymoon cruise. Taking a cruise for your honeymoon can make for an exciting and romantic honeymoon.  Every couple has different reasons for taking a honeymoon cruise, but there is one attribute of honeymoon cruising that are appealing to just about everyone - they make for cheap honeymoons.  Cruises are a great way to get a good value for your money.

Cheap honeymoon cruises are readily available and easy to plan.  Since a cruise includes your lodging, meals, entertainment (while onboard) and travel, it is relatively inexpensive compared to other types of honeymoons.  And if you know where to look, you can find honeymoon cruise deals that will make a cruise even more affordable. 

Read on to find more about cruise honeymoons.  You'll find that they're a great choice for a cheap honeymoon that won't break the bank.

About Cheap Honeymoon CRUISES

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If you've never cruised before, you may not know that cruises include lots of services all at one reasonable price. By taking a cheap honeymoon cruise, couples can take advantage of the great value offered by paying for room and board, travel (to the places on the cruise itinerary), food and entertainment in the initial price of their cruise.

Usually, with the quality and level of service you receive on a cruise line, you'll end up spending much less than you would if you purchased all of the individual pieces separately.  Depending on which cruise you choose, you'll probably enjoy food and accommodations somewhere in the 3 to 4 star level.  You'll also have a choice of entertainment on your cruise from Vegas-style reviews to comedians to karaoke. 

If you stayed in a 3 or 4 star hotel and dined out every night with a show after your dinner, you'd probably have to spend a lot of money.  But with a cheap honeymoon cruise, it's all included for a reasonable price.

So, when you take a honeymoon cruise, you'll be doing it for a lot less than you would if you stayed at a hotel and purchased all of your meals and entertainment. If you want to get the best value for your money, taking a cheap honeymoon cruise is a great idea.

Where to find honeymoon cruise deals

You may start looking for cheap honeymoon cruises through AAA, your local travel agency or even directly with the cruise line.  But if you want the best price on honeymoon cruise deals, you need to book through an online cruise agency. 

There are many online cruise agencies that offer very low prices on cruises and honeymoon cruise packages with airfare included.

In fact, by using an online cruise agency you may end up saving hundreds of dollars on your honeymoon.  There are several different cruise agencies to choose from and there's even a service where you can post the cruise you want to take and different agencies bid on your business. 

Another way you can get honeymoon cruise deals is if you qualify for any honeymoon cruise specials.  If you've taken a cruise before or if you're an active or former member of the military, you may be eligible for additional cruise discounts.  These specials vary by cruise line and may only be available for certain times of year, but they can often save you another hundred dollars or more on your total honeymoon cost.

Why take a honeymoon cruise? 

Apart from the fact that they can be cheap, honeymoon cruises are good for other reasons.  Do you love the cheap prices but are still not 100% decided on a honeymoon cruise?  See below for a few reasons why having a cruise honeymoon is a great idea.

You Get to Visit Many Different Places on a Honeymoon Cruise

Typically, a honeymoon cruise that is 5 days or longer will visit several different spots, so you'll get to see many different ports during your trip. When you take a cheap honeymoon cruise, you'll also visit exotic locales that you might not be able to afford to visit if you didn't take a cruise. Stops in the Caribbean Islands like Puerto Rico, Aruba, St. Thomas, the Grenadines and more are available on several cruise itineraries. You can also find cruises visiting other interesting places like the Mediterranean, South America, Alaska, Hawaii, Mexico and almost anywhere else you'd ever want to go.

Another benefit that's tied in with visiting different places on a honeymoon cruise is that travel time to the places on your itinerary is a lot smaller since you'll visit each port by sea. You may go to sleep one night in the Bahamas and wake up the next day in Puerto Rico because your cruise ship sailed while you were sleeping. Also, while you're traveling, you'll be enjoying the activities onboard ship instead of waiting in an airport or driving to your desired destination. And, since you stay onboard for your entire cruise, you only need to unpack your suitcase once.

Honeymoon Cruises Make Vacation Planning Easy

If you're planning your honeymoon on your own, you'll soon find that there are a lot of details to take care of. You'll need to arrange where you'll stay, how you'll get there, where you'll eat and what you'll do during your free time. But, if you elect to take a honeymoon cruise, lots of the details that you'd normally have to take care of are already a part of your cruise package or can be arranged through your cruise line.

Transfers to the cruise ship from the airport, plane tickets, activities (or excursions as the cruise lines call them) and sometimes even dining and spa reservations can be arranged with the cruise line before you ever set foot on the ship. Leaving some of the details to the cruise line takes some of the hassle out of your honeymoon planning.

There's Lots to do on a Honeymoon Cruise

You can spend evenings star gazing from the secluded decks of your cruise ship or enjoy a night "on the town" with dinner, drinks and a show.  You and your new spouse can spend as much time one-on-one as you choose which gives you the opportunity to relax with each other after months of hectic wedding planning.  Check with your cruise line to see if any romantic packages are offered.

Cruises offer a wealth of activities onboard and in port, and this is another reason why honeymoon cruises are so popular. Whether you like to swim, sunbathe, gamble, learn new things, get pampered in the spa or take in an evening show, you'll never feel like you have nothing to do while on your honeymoon cruise. When your ship is in port, you can take one of the cruise line's pre-arranged shore excursions like horseback riding, kayaking, swimming with the dolphins or sailing on a catamaran.

But just because there's a lot to do on your honeymoon cruise, it doesn't mean that you can't relax and take it easy on your vacation. While at sea, you can always find a quiet nook on the ship for relaxing. And when you dock at each port, you can go on a laid back shore excursion or you can even stay onboard the ship for more quiet time.

There are many wonderful reasons to take a cruise that you'd be hard pressed to find a romantic honeymoon trip that tops a honeymoon cruise. Whatever your reason for taking a honeymoon cruise, enjoy yourself and have a bon voyage!