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bridal veils with tiaras

Learn How to Do Your Hair and the Best Way to Wear a Bridal Veil with a Tiara

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Every woman wants to feel special on her wedding day.  For a lot of brides, this means wearing a tiara with their bridal veil for the big day.  You can find bridal veils with tiaras from bridal gown stores, online or you can put one together yourself.

When worn the right way, tiaras add air of fantasy to weddings and make any bride look like royalty.  But when they're too big for your frame, too showy or just too much with your wedding dress, bridal veils with tiaras can make you look like you're playing dress up.

How do you make sure you look classy and not childish in your bridal veil and tiara?  Keep reading and you’ll find out how to wear a bridal veil with a tiara and how to do your hair with a bridal tiara.

Wearing Bridal Veils With Tiaras

So, you know you want to wear a tiara with your bridal veil, but how exactly should you wear it?  There are several ways you can wear a bridal veil with a tiara. The basic rule is that if you wear a tiara and a veil, you want them both to be placed at the same general spot on your head. 

If the tiara is in front and the veil is in the back, things end up looking a bit disconnected.  Also, with two bridal headpieces, there are two hair combs and it may be difficult to place the combs in the same spot.   

bridal tiara with veil, bridal tiara, bridal veilThe best way to pull off this look is to attach your veil to the tiara.  That way, you won’t have any problem making sure that they look connected and you won’t have to fiddle with two hair combs.  Lots of tiaras feature hooks on each side that make it easy to attach fabric to them.  You’ll want to make sure that the two pieces will be compatible, so buy your tiara first and your veil second or purchase both items at the same store. 

Once you have both pieces, you can easily sew a few stitches to connect the veil to the tiara.  If you’re not the sewing type, you can ask your bridal gown seamstress to sew them together for you.  Or, depending on what you plan to do with your hair, you can also connect the two with an elastic band.

If you’ve already purchased your veil and tiara and the two just can’t be attached to one another, don’t worry.  You can still wear them both; you’ll just need to place them in your hair as close together as possible.   Do some trial runs and secure the pieces in place with plenty of bobby pins. 

Also, adding a tiara to a dated bridal veil can make it look newer, so if you’re using your mother’s or a bargain veil that looks a little older, you can incorporate a tiara to make it look updated.

Tiaras, Veils and Bridal Hair

Another factor to consider when wearing a bridal tiara with a veil is your wedding hairstyle.  No matter what your hair plan is, you’ll want to have a wedding hair “rehearsal” prior to the big day. 

bridal tiara and hair, bridal veil with tiara, bridal tiara veilBe sure to incorporate the tiara and veil into your hair practice so you’ll know exactly what it looks like.  Using the whole headpiece in your rehearsal will also let you know how easy or difficult it is to attach it and you’ll also know how much time it will take. 

A veil and tiara will work with nearly any hairstyle, but will look best with a style that is fairly simple. 

A big complex updo with a tiara can look tacky and overdone.  With such a fancy headpiece, you’ll look better with half of your hair up pulled into a loose bun or gathered curls.  If you keep your hair on the simple side, you’ll end up looking soft and dreamy in your tiara.

What type of tiara should I choose?

The key rule here is that if you have a very fancy dress with a lot of embellishments like beading or rhinestones, go smaller with your tiara and veil.  If your dress is very minimalist or light on embellishment, you can choose a veil and tiara that is more ornate.   

Other than that lone rule, let your personal style guide you in choosing a bridal tiara.  These days, there are all kinds to choose from.  You can select one that incorporates your wedding colors or theme, like crimson stones if red is one of your colors and a floral design if your wedding is in a garden.  You can choose one with pearls or rhinestones or crystals.  You can go with a regal looking crown style tiara or you can get a tiara that has a headband look.  The possibilities are endless.

Whatever you choose to do, have fun with your bridal look and you're sure to feel like a princess in your veil and tiara.